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Sri Ramanin Padhayil (2010) Part - 2/6

ராதே கிருஷ்ணா 23-07-2014

Sri Ramanin Padhayil - Episode 07 - June 2 2013



Nama: kothanda hasthaya sandhi kruthacharaayacha
kandithakila daithyaya ramaya: pannivaarine
Ramaya rama badraya rama chandraya vedase
ragunathaya nathaya seethaya: pathaye nama:

Aabhathugal anaithaiyum pokubhavan Sriraman, namakku nanmaigalai tharubhavan Emperuman Dasarathi. Antha Emperuman sevikka Raman anu yathiraiyil , first day at Bittoor, Second and third day at Ayodhya. Stayed at Birla Mandir and few other places in Ayodhya. 

Key Takeaway
1.Samayal seithu perumalukku kandu arulap panni sapidavendum.

Samayal seithu perumalukku kandu arulap panni sapidavendum. Atharkaga chinna murthiyezhunthu arulap pannikondu sendrom, avarukku neivedhiyam seithu sappitom. 

Ram Janma Bhoomi 

SriVishnuSahasranama athiyayathule Bheeshmacharya solluvathu pole, Aabhathaiyum koduvapavan BhayaKrit, BhayaNasanaha - antha Bayathai udane pokubhavan. When we went Ayodhya it was the same day the Ram Janma Bhoomi Case results were to be announced. We all were worried if we were able to go inside ayodhya and visit the temples. Luckily by God's grace we were able to go and also have good darshan since the crowd was very less.

Ammaji Mandhir

When visiting places in Ayodhya, we saw a temple in Ayodhya which was in Southern Chola temple architecture called Ammaji Mandir. Beautiful temple and all the tourists from south india do visit this temple. This temple has a wonderful news. Kannaukku ramanukaga kovil yezhupa vendum yendru aadai polum. There lived a Yogi called Parthasarathy Iyengar Swami and his wife Yogi Singammal. They stayed in chennai and printed books on our sampradayam and gave it to adiyar's. 1870 - 1895 this was happening. They wanted to go to north india yatra and went to Salagramam, Badri and they came to Ayodhya in 1898-1899.  They had a idea and wished to have a temple in south indian style, perumal appeared in their swapanam and they  built this temple staying there for 5 years.  1904 samprokshanam.  

After  that 5 years Parthasarathy stayed there did kainkaryam and acharyan thiruvadi adainthar. Ayodhi ammal for next 30 yrs stayed in Ayodhya and did upadesam on Ramayanam and Sri Raman pathai. She was called Sri Yogi Singammal and popularly called Ammaji. Beautiful temple in chola style with rajagopuram, Dwjasthambam and inside Raman arputhamana sevai Ram, Lakshman, Seethai, Narthana Krishnan( Since the person was from thiruvellikeni), Ranganathan, azhwar acharyargal ( Parangusa , parakala yathivarathigal) prathikshai has also been done since it is a temple built by Tamilians and we have many many pasuram's on ram as part of the divya prabhandam. So we have the Nammazhwar who sung the thiruvaimozhi 1000 pasuram, Periya Thirumozhi padina Thirumangaiazhwar and then Bhagavad Ramanujar - muthamizh valarthu koduthavar and Ramanujachayavaiye sampradhayathuku katti kodutha alavandar yennum Yamunacharya.

As from AmudhanAr’s IrAmAnusa nUtranthAthi...

sollaar thamizoru moonRum churuthikaL naan_gumellai
illaa aRan^eRi yaavum therinthavan eNNaruncheer
nNallaar paravum iraamaa Nnuchan_thiru naamam
nambik kallaar akalitath thOr,ethu pERenRu kaamipparE. 44
Meaning - Sri
Ramanujacharya studies art, dance and drama in Tamil and also sweetest AzhwAr’s works in Tamil, the four Vedas and all limitless innumerable Vedantha and Dharmas and analyzed them individually as well as in entirety. He stands like a shining light, establishing the greatest truths reflecting the sruthis and Vedic truths in clear categorical terms, and is praised for His KalyANA guNAs by Great scholars with love and devotion. This world (and its people)- oh no! are not listening and paying attention to my words. (Are they not sensible?)

We saw all these in third day of the yatra and before we start from ayodhya tonight we have some more interesting places to see.

Valmiki Bhavanam

Song - "Kujantam rama rameti madhuram madhuraaksharam
aaruhya kavitaa saakhaam vande valmiki kokilam"
Meaning - "This verse is a salutation to the poet Valmiki, who like a cuckoo bird sitting on the tree of poetry, melodiously repeats the sweet name of Rama. Blessed by Brahma, Valmiki who earlier became a sage, thus became a poet too."

Valmiki munivar oru putrilirinthu thondriyavar. Bhooma devi yin mel than naam anaivaram padukirom, thoongugirom. Bhooma devi yin Kaathgal putrugal(ant hill, snake hill). Valmikam means puttru. Valmikathu lerunthu thondriyathale valmikam nu peyar petravar. Avarukku smarpitha bhavanam "Valmiki Bhavanam". Ithhu siru theruvil ullathu.  THough in a small street the temple mandapam is pretty tall, wonderfully made in Marbles. We are blessed to see Valmiki Bhavanam. reaching there and seeing the place gives mental happiness to all. We all had to travel in auto's and they carried more people than it can accomodate when asked the driver "naangal Ramarin kodaiyil irukirom ingu veru yentha kodaiyum sayathu" was the bold reply.

Valmiki bhavanam is a construction marvel in marbles either in white marbles or red stones from rajasthan.  When we go inside about 5000 people can sit such a huge hall. With 24000 slogams written on the walls in the first and second floor(madam) of the bhavanam. Staying with these slogam for 15 mins it feels like we are sitting on our mother's lap with such nice feeling and positive vibration.  So many mahan's had visited this places over ages. Also there is a library - pusthaka bhandar which has Valmiki Ramanyanam in all langauges with many copies. Anyone can take the book and can do the Ramayana Parayanam.  We did sarga parayanam and upanyasam there. Also did have the darshan of Valmiki with his grandson's lav and Kush. If Seetha was his son then they are here grandson's.  Beautiful scintillating expirence to see these marble vigraham's.  

Also we can see loads and loads of Sriramajayam written packets from all parts of India stored here.  During Sarayu kumbha mela they drop all these packets into the river. Sarayu has all those Sriramajayam in her. 

We also met lots of those Sadhu's.  There are 50 lakh Sadhu all around india. They all meet during allahabad kumbha mela. In Ayodhya around 5000 sadhu's live just opposite to valmiki bhavanam in a place called Chavani. They eat chappati, sabji. We also tried to give chappati/sabji to our travellers but we south indian are used to rice only. while here in ayodhya they make chappati for whole day for these Sadhu's. We had the bhagyam of doing annadhanam to those Sadhu's. 

Upanyasam at Valmiki Bhavanam

Ram's Various Names
Dasarathanukku magan athunale ramanuku Dasarathi nu oru peyar
Kaupusthan yennum raja vamsathula piranthathale Kaupusthaha tamil kauputhan.
Raghu maharaja pirabhalamanavan athunale Raghu kulathil piranthathanal Raghavan.

They learnt everything in 12 years. Ramanyanathula bala prayathai seekiram mudichutar valmiki not like Krishnavatharam in which it is detail. Ram is Anustanaprabhavamana avatharam, Anubhavaprabhavamana avatharam Krishnavatharam.  Anubhavika siriya vayasu , athunala Krishnavatham. Parthu anustika periya vayasu athunala Ramavatharam. 

Slogam :

Yuddha Kandam , Chapter 131 Slogam - 102
ramo ramo rama iti prajanam abhavan kathah 
ramabhutam jagad abhud rame rajyam prasasati (102)

Raman vazhanthu Ayodhiyil, anaivarum Raman nalanukaga vazhnthargal. Pogatha kovil illai, neeradatha puniya nadhi illai. Yellorum Ramanukaga vazhnthargalam. Raman Yengu vazhnthu iruppar ? Ramanukaga ayodhiyil iruntha idam kanaka Bhavanam.

Kanaka Bhavanam 

Upanyasam - SriRamachandranin Janma bhoomi ayodhya, Srivaikuntathin oru paguthiyana migavum uyarntha pradesathai Bhagawane yeduthu - Swayambhu manuvukku, antha manu mer kondu manu chakravarthikkum koduthu, avargal moolam Ishvagu Vamsathuke Thalai nagaramaga vilangiyathu.

Mukthi/Moksha Sthalam (as per Garuda Purana)

Ayodhya divya desam. Moksham allikkum 7 mukhiyamana Sthalangalil ithu muthanmai petrathu. Ayodhya, mathura, maya, Kasi, kanchi, avanthika, Dwaraka are the list of 7 Mukthi sthalam. Of this Ayodhya is the first. 

Note : These 7 mukthi sthalam represents different part of the body of Sriman  Narayanan. Avanthi is represented as the divine feet, Thiruvadi of the perumal, Kachipuram, represents the waist, Thirudwaraka represents the Nabhi (the lower stomach), Maya represents the Thiru maarbhu (the chest) Madhura represents the neck, Kasi represents the nose and finally, this Ayodhya Kshetram represents the Head of the perumal.

Ayodhya is one of seven holy places for Hindus in India, with Varanasi the most sacrosanct:

Ayodhyā Mathurā Māyā Kāsi Kāñchī Avantikā I Purī Dvārāvatī chaiva saptaitā moksadāyikāh II—Garuḍa Purāṇa I XVI .14A Kṣetra is a sacred ground where Moksha can be obtained. The Garuda Purana enumerates seven cities as sources of Moksha: Ayodhya, Mathura, Māyā (Haridwar), Kāsi (Varanasi), Kāñchī, Avantikā (Ujjain), and Dvārāvatī (Dvārakā).

Ayodhya Yethirka mudiyathu, thagarka mudiyathu yendrum , yaaraleyum udaithu vida mudiyathu yendru miga uyarntha perumai intha ayodhyavukku undu. Rama Janma bhoomi puniya sthalam. Raman than thiruvadigalai intha bhoo mandalathil Kal pathitha idam. 

As per the above two slogam Chitra masam, Navami thithi, punarvasu natchathirathile Raman piranthar, Adi sheshan amsamaga lakshmanan piranthar, Bharathazhwanum piranthar, Satrugnanazhwan piranthar. Antha idam Ram janma bhoomi yendru peyar. Athai thavira intha Ayodhiyil sevika vendiya idangal pala undu. Ipozhuthu nam irukkum idam Kanaka Bhavan. Oru kalathil Raman Sitai iruppidamai, antha puramai iruntha idam. Muzhuka Swarna mayamaga thangathile irunthathu athunale Kanaka Bhavan yendru peyar. Ingu yezhuntharuli irukkum murthigal kanakathile swarnathile irukinrana. Aasanam, mandapam swarnathile irukku. 

Kanakam - Thangam, Bhavanam - Maligai. Intha maligai muzhuvathume thangamaga irunthatham. anal kaladaivil padaiyedupu karanaaga thangam yellam pari poi ittru. Nalla vellai Ramachandran, Seethai agiyorin Sri murthigal 3 jodi Raman and Seethai yezhuntharuli vullargal thanga mayamaga.  Lots of shopping area near kanaka bhavan like bags, chinna perumal dresses, lassi. 

Lassi in north indian given in earthern pot or glass is very nice with cream. Manasu nirainthathu with ram/seetha sevai, vayaru nirainthathu with lassi. 

Before entering Kanaka bhavan through security checking is done. Raman checks for bhakthi in our ullam, the soldiers check us for security reasons. As you enter Kanaka bhavan you can see a big anganam.  Small story - This is anthapuram. Kuzhanthaigal rendu perukkum kalyanam panni vechar Dasarathan. Seetha was 6 yrs and Ram was 12 yrs. They spent 12 yrs of blissful married life in this place after marriage. Angu dhampathigala porava yellarukkum Seetha Raman anugraham kidaikarthu. Dasarathan rombha vayasanavargalai than Dwarapalakanaga poduvaram. Yenna ilasugal rendu perum vazthundu irukka, athunala ilasugalai vasala potta porunthi varathu oththu varathu. 90 vayasanavargalai than vasalala kavalargalaga veparam. Ava thangalai parthukave matta. Valmiki sollarar - "Thathra kashayano vruthani.." They all were wearing Kashayam.. so does it mean they are sanyasi ? No. all the gaurds were Grihasthas but they all stayed in Ram's thought and spent time in taking care of Ram and the guards totally forgot on taking care of themselves. Hence they were like Sanyasi's since they used to go to sarayu quickly take bath and come back to continue Ram's service. So their dress got coloured like Kashayam. When these gaurds help Ram and lift him Ram's chandan and garlands used to get applied on to these guards.  There is a beautiful message here. Whatever item it be - food, flower, garland etc.. it has to be taken as GOD's prasadam after offering it to HIM. Poo vangina perumalluku samarpithutu vechukanam. Chinna chinna vishyam follow pannalam. "Uduthu kalaintha nin pithaga vadai..." says periazhwar. Let us all watch a beautiful arathi at kanaka bhavanam.

Kanaka Bhavan - Ram Padham

Inside Kanaka Bhavanam we can also see Ram's patham. Valam vanthu thalaiyala than thoda mudiyum.  Thottu Sevikalam. Raman Seethai katukku pogum pothu intha idathil than theril yeri sendraram. Athunala than padugai ingu yezhuntharuli panniirukirargal. "Aavum azhuga, naan mavum azhuga , poosai azhuga..." aadu madu kannukutti kuthirai ponai yellam azhuthatham raman pirivu thangamal.  Rathiri pozhuthil kanaka bhavan parkave rombha azhagaga irukku. Antha idathai iravu pozhuthil seivithomana namake ullam kalangarathu. Ava manasu raman sendra pothu yeppadi kalangi irukkum.  Oru pakkam Kanaka bhavan anandama irukku, innoru pakkam kanaka bhavan ullam pisayaramathiri irukku. Irandu yennathodaiyum Kanaka bhavanathai seivipom. 

Raj Darbar and boon to Sita by Dasarathan

Ayodhiyil Raj Darbar yendru oru idam. Ingeyam Raman,Seetha, Bharathan, Lakshmanan, Satrugnan yellarum yezhunthu aruli ullargal. Ram Darbar, Dasaratha Darbar, Raj darbar are used to refer this place and this has a importance. This could have been the darbar place. There is an interesting story about this place. The localities are telling this story. Ram and Seetha came from mithila after the marriage to ayodhya. They might have come in rath or pallaku or moodu pallaku .. whatever it may be. They got down from the rath in this place only. The DIL have come first time to their place that too Janakar's daughter Seetha. Everyone gave a warm grand welcome to Ram and Sita with veda manthiram, mangala slogam, punitha neeratuthal and was taken inside. Grand feast was also made ready. There is a custom in north india that the DIL who comes need to give/serve rice to her inlaws. Annamiduthal Sriku migavum uyartha pani. As per Veda's , upanishad - "Annan bahukuru vitha.. annanna nithiyathu". Annathai nanraga perukku, niraiya anna dhanam pannu. Un veetuku oruthar vanthu sooru illai yendru poga koodathu. Annadhanam sirantha dhanam.  Oru marumagal vanthavudan athaithan muthal muthalil seigiral. 4 thattu kodukapattana, Sita takes the first place and gives it to Kaikeyi, Kaikeyi need to give something in return and she had given Kanaka Bhavan to the newly married Sita. Next Sita servers to sumithra and kausalya  who give her Nethi chutti and malai (with rathnam, vairam, vaidooriyam) respectively.  Next Sita gives the 4th plate to Dasarathan, Dasarathan didn't know what to give her since his wives have given many things to his Daughter in law. So dasaratha decides and gives Sita a boon. In the Thretha Yugam and Dwapara yugam everyone will refer to Ram as SriRam. But once Kali yugam starts everyone will refer to Ram as SeethaRam. That is why in north SiyaRam, Jai SiyaRam and in South SeethaRam, Jai SeethaRam. So this great boon was given to Sita by Dasarath when she was in Raj Darbar when she came to ayodhya first time.  

VanaMamalai Jeer at Ayodhya Chaturmasyam 2010

When we came in 2010 to this place, we were very fortunate to have the darshan on Nanguneri Srimath pramahamsethyathi Nanguneri vanamamalai kaliyan ramanuja Jeer swami,  ayodhiyil yezhuntharuli chaturmasya sankalpam , athavathu jeer swamigal/sanyasigal mazhai kalam 4 matham veliye poga mattargal, sirantha thavam purivargal. Athunala than swamigal nam therku kodi thirunelveli nagarkovil pakkam irukkum vanamamalayil irunthu ayodhiyil yezhunthu aruli irunthar. Intha madathukku vadake niraiya sishyargal. Uttharathigadri, uttara thottatri mutt yendru niraiya sishyargal. Avaridam irunthu  ayodhi vaibhavam, avar perumalluku aaradhanam,  thirumanjanam, avarodaiya anugraha bhashanam ithanaiyum petrukondom. Ithu sirantha bhakiyam. Niraiya sadukal irukka, avargaludan Vanamamalai jeer swamigalaiyum sevithu kondom. 

We saw all the places we saw during the third day of our trip in this episode. Now we need to start from Ayodhya ofcourse with Ram, let's meet next week with more important places.

Song - Mannupugaz Kausalai mani vayiru vaithavane..

11 verses -Sri Raaman Thaalaattuppaattu by Sri Kulasekaraazhvaar 
 mannupukazh kowsalaithan maNivayiRu vaaytthavanE 
 thennilangai kOnmudikaL sinthuviththaay semponsEr 
 kannin^anmaa mathiLpudaisoozh kaNapuraththen karumaNiyE 
 ennudaiya innamuthE iraakavanE thaalElO (2) 8.1 


 puNtarika malarathanmEl puvaniyellaam pataiththavanE 
 thiNtiRalaaL thaadakaithan uramuruvas silaivaLaiththay 
 kaNdavar_tham manamvazhangum kaNapuraththen karumaNiyE 
 eNtisaiyu maaLutaiyaay iraakavanE thaalElO 8.2 


 kongumali karunguzhalaaL kOsalaithan kulamathalaay 
 thanguperum pugazhssanakan thirumarukaa thaasarathee 
 kangaiyilum theertthamali kaNapuraththen karumaNiyE 
 engaLkula thinnamuthE iraakavanE thaalElO 8.3 


 thaamaraimE layanavanaip padaiththavanE thasarathanRan 
 maamathalaay maithilithan maNavaaLaa vaNtinangaL 
 kaamaranga Lisaipaadum kaNapuraththen karumaNiyE 
 Emaruvum silaivalavaa iraakavanE thaalElO 8.4 


 paaraaLum padarselvam parathan^ampik kEyaruLi 
 aaraavan piLaiyavanO tarungaana matainthavanE 
 seeraaLum varaimaar_paa thirukkaNNa puraththarasE 
 thaaraaLum neeNmutiyen thaasarathee thaalElO 8.5 


 suRRamellaam piNnthodarath tholkaana matainthavanE 
 aRRavar_kat karumarunthE ayOththin^akark kathipathiyE 
 kaRRavar_kaL thaamvaazhum kaNapuraththen karumaNiyE 
 siRRavaithan solkoNda seeraamaa thaalElO 8.6 


 aalinilaip paalakanaa yanRulaka muNdavanE 
 vaaliyaikon RarasiLaiya vaanaraththuk kaLitthavanE 
 kaalinmaNi karaiyalaikkum kaNapuraththen karumaNiyE 
 aalin^akark kathipathiyE ayOththimanE thaalElO 8.7 


 malaiyathanaa laNaikatti mathiLilangai yazhiththavanE 
 alaikatalaik katainthamarark kamutharuLis seythavanE 
 kalaivalavar thaamvaazhum kaNapuraththen karumaNiyE 
 silaivalavaa sEvakanE seeraama thaalElO 8.8 


 thaLaiyavizhum naRunguncith thayarathanRan kulamathalaay 
 vaLaiyavoru silaiyathanaal mathiLilangai yazhiththavanE 
 kaLaikazhun^eer marungalarum kaNapuraththen karumaNiyE 
 iLaiyavar_kat karuLutaiyaay iraakavanE thaalElO 8.9 


 thEvaraiyu masuraraiyum thisaikaLaiyum padaiththavanE 
 yaavarumvan^ thativaNanga arangan^agar_th thuyinRavanE 
 kaavirin^al nathipaayum kaNapuraththen karumaNiyE 
 EvariveNY silaivalavaa iraakavanE thaalElO (2) 8.10 


 kannin^anmaa mathiLpudaisoozh kaNapuraththen kaakuththan 
 thannatimEl thaalElO enRuraiththa thamizhmaalai 
 koln^avilum vElvalavan kudaikkulasE karansonna 
 panniyan^ool patthumvallaar paangaaya patthar_kaLE (2) 8.11 

ஸர்வம் ஸ்ரீ கிருஷ்ணார்ப்பணம் 

Sri Ramanin Padhayil - Episode 08 - June 9 2013



"Manju sEr mALigai needu agil pugayum
 marayOr senchol vELvi pugayum
kamazhum Ten arangamE"
Article From ramanuja.org archives....
This "akil pugai" is primarily used as "dhoopam" for the Lord, to prevent His catching a cold after bath and is offered to Him lovingly during iruvArAdhanam. Lest offering the smoke directly make His eyes water, discerning archakAs first capture the smoke in an absorbent cloth, thereby imprisoning its essence in the cloth, and gently touch the Lord's tirumEni with it, thus ensuring that only the fragrant and medicinal essence of the smoke reaches Emperuman and not the smoke itself, which may sting His gentle lotus eyes. The simultaneous offering of such dhoopam to the Lord from all the homes of Tiruvarangam, along with that emanating from the temple of Rangaraja, is so thick and pervasive as to make the entire town fragrant, says Sri Kalian.

Guptar Ghat and Ram's last few days on Earth

Kulasekararazhwar's pasuram in Perumal Thirumozhi explains about Ram's last few days on this earth as follows.
seRithavacchampugan thannai chenRu konRu
sezhumaRaiyOn uyirmeettu thavatthOn eentha
niRaimaNi pooN aNiyum koNdu ilavaNan thannai
thambiyaal vaanERRi munivan vENda
thiRal viLangum ilakkumanai pirindhaan thannai
thillainagar thiruchchithrakoodanthannuL
uRaivaanai maRavaadha uLLanthannai
udaiyOm maRRuRu thuyaram adaiyOminRE (2) 10.9
Meaning of the above pasuram from Sadagopan.org ebook
[Sampuka vatham] The Lord who searched and killed Sampukan and got back the son of Vedic Brahmin; who accepted the precious necklace given by Sage Agasthya and blessed the sage; Sent LavaNasura to heaven through killing of him by his youngest brother Satrugnan; due to the curse of Sage Dhurvaasa,Rama had to abandon his younger brother Lakshmana; is now so blissfully residing as Sri Rama in Thillai Chithra kootam Divya Desam, and my mind will never ever forget the Lord of Thillai Thiruchitrakootam. Hence no inauspiciousness will befall me.
[Lakshmana incident, Sampuka vatham appears in Utthara khaaNdam. Regarding Lakshman's abandonment, Sage and Guru Vasishta advised Rama 
that he had no choice, since Lakshmana transgressed the promise made to Yama Raja that no one should interrupt his conversation with Rama and those, who did would have to be sacrificed. When Durvasa demanded Lakshmana guarding the gate of the conference chamber and threatened to curse Rama, if he did not see him immediately, Lakshmana broke the rule and interrupted the conversation, fully knowing that he has to be sacrificed. Rama's acute sense of carrying out his Raja Dharma put him under tremendous emotional distress and suffering, But he put his duties as a king first and executed the course of Action without hesitation.]

Uttara kandam has more details on Ram's last few days in this earth. Agasthiyar visits Ram and tells him more stories. Then Ram was ruling the kingdom. We saw the story of Ram doing Ashwamega Yagam and on Lav-Kush capturing and tying the horse.  Then later they discussed on whom to declare as the next king and he did pattabhishekam for bharathan's son and lakshman's son so that they can take care of the kingdom. Ram rules for 11,000 years. Valmiki says "Dasha varusha Sahasrani , Dasha varusha sathanicha" 10 - thousand years and  10 - hundered years = 10*1000+10*100 = 11,000 years.  It was time for Ram to start on his journey from earth back to vaikuntam.  Ram gets into the Sarayu river and start walking towards Vaikuntam. That place where Ram went into Sarayu is called as Guptar Ghat.  Guptar Ghat is a beautiful place. 

Gupta means rahasyam or maraivu. Raman sarayuvil irangi marainthu pona idam. Emperuman thirumeni pancha bhowdhikamana thirumeni allamal, Pancha upanishad mayam, pancha shakthi mayam yendru sollugirargal.  There is no information that Perumal's thirumeni was left in this world. That was why no samskaram was done by anyone to Ram or Krishna after they left this world and went back to Srivaikuntam. So perumal must have gone along with his thirumeni to Srivaikuntam. Above Brahma's Satya Loka and below Srivaikuntam Santhanika Loka. People in this Santhanika Loka reach Vaikuntam in a very short duration. 

As per Azhwar Pasuram "Anda sarasaram.." Bhagwan has taken the anda sarasaram along with him to Vaikuntam. 

As per Nammazhvar's pasuram Tiruvaimozhi - Centum : 7-5, pasuram 7.5.1 , 3497 
kaRpaar iraama piraanai allaal* maRRum kaRparO?,*
puRpaa muthalaap* pulleRumpaathi onRinRiyE,
naRpaal ayOththiyil vaazum* charaacharam muRRavum,
naRpaalukku uyththanan* naanmuka Nnaar_peRRa naattuLE
All the creations of Brahma who were in this kingdom including grass, ant and all living beings have been taken along to Vaikuntam by Sriram. The kingdom was empty/desserted and then people from other places came and settled here. Makkal kudi peyarntha Pinnar than Kosala Janapadam(state ?republic ?) yerpattadhu yendru naam parkirom. Raman is moksha pradhan. He lived for 11,000 years. Ram came to know that Lakshman started on his journey towards Vaikuntam by getting into the river Sarayu. Ram was depressed and could not take Lakshman's absence and he decided to start as well. Also Kala devan had also come and given information on Ram's duration in earth coming to an end and he had to start from Earth. He decided(Sankalpam seithu) and 
started from Ayodhya came to this place Guptar Ghat, changed his clothes, wore the holy grass darbai in his hand - all these are explained in the 109 sargam of Uttara Kandam. Then  110the sargam explains how he started from earth. Let us do the parayanam of these two sargam.

We have all reached Guptar Ghat which is 12-15 KM from Ayodhya. Travel along sarayu bank to reach lakshman ghat first and then Guptar Ghat. This is the place where Ram started on his journey to Ayodhya. Ram didn't leave his body Bhootha Udal in this earth. Why is body referred as Bhootha udal ? Because of the body is made of the Pancha Maha Bhootham - Pritvi, Appu, vayu, tejas, akasham.  Why Ram or Krishna didn't leave their body in this world ? Reason is their body was not made of the Pancha Maha Bhootham. Ram's body was full of satvam, Tejo mayam, aprakrutham, full of pancha shakthi, form of pancha upanishad - something which cannot be explained easily. Due to the nature of our body, there is no upliftment in the knowledge when we see our body. But if we keep seeing Ram's thirumeni and keep 

meditating the knowledge blossoms and results in more satva guna. This is the perumai of perumal's thirumeni.  The image below is Ram at Guptar Ghat in a beautiful temple. Brahmandamana temple when watched from Sarayu river. It is wonderful temple. 

Let us hear the story in short. Ram completed ruling ayodhya for 11,000 years.  Brahma thinks that it is time for Ram to come back to Vaikuntam and it is time to hint Ram about the same.  Brahma called for Kala devan and asked him to go to Bhoologam to inform Ram. Kala Devan came to Ayodhya and met 

Ram. Lakshman was also around with Ram.  Kala Devan said " i have come here to discuss a deva ragsyam. No one else can listen. Ask Lakshman to go outside this room ?" Ram says  " He is my right hand. close to me. I have not discussed anything without him." Kala devan says "No rama, i need to talk to you only and hence ask Lakshmana to go away from this place. Also if anyone interrupts us while we are discussing you need to Grant Marana Dhandanai to that person".  Ram was surprised on why he was behaving so. Then Ram accepted the request and the rule and made lakshman stand outside while Ram and Kala devan started to discuss. Kala devan said " Ram the purpose of your avataram is fullfilled - destroyed the demons/rakshas, Lived by example to explain all the Dharma, explained "Thanthai Sol mikka manthiram 
illai' , you have also finished lots of yagam and yagyam and hence it is time for you to return to Vaikuntam". While this discussion was happening, Dhurvasar came to Ayodhya. Dhurvasar is a sage known for his anger. Dhurvasar told Lakshman that he wanted to meet Ram immediately. Lakshman was stuck because if he sends Dhurvasar inside then the person who is interuppting the secret discussion would be granted death. Ram giving this punishment to Sage dhurvasar is not good for the kingdom. If Lakshman does not send Dhurvasar inside then Dhurvasar is going to get more furious. If lakshman goes inside to inform about Dhurvasar's then Lakshman is in problem and he would be granted death. Lakshman thought about this - "instead of putting entire ayodhya in danger, let me get into trouble myself."  Lakshman went inside the discussion between Ram and Kala devan was over and Ram has accepted to come back to Ayodhya. Ram went and met Dhruvasar and welcomed him too.  But Ram has been put in a situation to grant death to Lakshman. Ram was shattered and he was sitting in the raj Darbar. Sage Vasishita came there and enquired on why Ram was upset. Ram told about the situation of him where he need to grant death to Lakshman 
who has been so close to him. Even during the days when Sita had to part him, lakshman was him with all through his life. Sage Vasishta said " Rombha nerukkama irukkara oruthari pirinchi, innimel ivar kuda thodarbhu vaithukolluvathillai, yendru sollital athu kondrathuku samam."Lakshmana unnai naan thuranthen" yendru sollividu ". Ram said the same to Lakshman. Slogam "nacha seetha Ramaha.." Hearing this Lakshman went to Sarayu near Lakshman Ghat and started his journey to Vaikuntam.  Ram could not stay without Lakshman and he consulted Vasishta for a date and got himself ready to start on his journey back to Vaikuntam. Ram removed all his king attire and wore white Dhoti and carried Darbai in his hand. He started from Ayodhya and came till Guptar Ghat on the banks of river sarayu. After offering namaskaram 
to all the devatha, Ram along with all the people started on his journey to Vaikuntam. 

Song :: 

As per Nammazhvar's pasuram Tiruvaimozhi - Centum : 7-5, pasuram 7.5.1 , 3497 
kaRpaar iraama piraanai allaal* maRRum kaRparO?,*
puRpaa muthalaap* pulleRumpaathi onRinRiyE,
naRpaal ayOththiyil vaazum* charaacharam muRRavum,
naRpaalukku uyththanan* naanmuka Nnaar_peRRa naattuLE

Antha ramanin arul nam anaivarukkum kitta vendum.

Dasaratha thinking about Ram's marriage & Vishwamitra's visit

Mukthi tharum Kshetramam ayodhyayil pala idangal parthom. Not everyone can go and visit all these places. Imagining and Thinking that we are in those places and watching this is also a great bhagyam. Till now we have seen that Ram's bhagyam is our Bhagyam. Thaniyana Raman avalavu sirapudaiyavan allan. "Shradhaiya Devaha Devathvam hasthuthe .." Perumal is full only when he is with Mahalakshmi.

Ram is 12 years now and Dasarathan wanted to do Ram's marriage. But even before Dasarathan decided, looks like all the deva's discussed and decided. Ramayannam's Bala kandam Sargam 18 - Dasarath discusses with Vashista about Ram's marriage after completion of the education. 

****Valmiki Ramayanam : Bala Kaandam : Sargam 18 - Rama, Bharata, Lakshmana and Shatrughna took births.
After the completion of Vedic ritual all the kings and Sage Rishyasringa took leave of Dasharatha and went away to their countries. After some time Rama, Lakshmana, Bharata, and Shatrughna are born. Their virtues in childhood and rituals connected thereto are depicted here. Dasharatha then contemplates the marriages of the princes, since marrying sons after completion of education is customary. At that juncture Sage Vishvamitra arrives at the court of Dasharatha seeking help from the king. Dasharatha receives him adoring in high esteem.

Yes Our Ram is going to get married. But not now, but after 15 days - Ram would be travelling with Vishwamithra and after travelling for 15 days they would be reaching Mithila currently in Nepal to marry Sita. Ram and Lakshman's first travel with Vishwamithra was for 15 days and they are going to stay in various places and hear many stories and many places for us to visit too. Let us all start thinking of Ram and Seetha's Kalyanam from today.  When Dasarathan was contemplating the marriage of the sons, sage Vishvamitra arrives at the court of Dasharatha. 

***Valmiki Ramayanam - Bala Kandam 

तस्य चिंतयमानस्य मंत्रि मध्ये महात्मनः || १-१८-३८
 अभ्यागच्छत् महातेजा विश्वामित्रो महामुनिः |
While the great souled Dasharatha is discussing the marriages of princes among his ministers, the highly powerful sage Vishvamitra arrived. [1-18-38b, 39a]

Dasharatha welcomed Vishwamithra and gave him argyam, padyam etc and gave him a seat to sit. Dasharatha was happy to host Vishwamithra and 

told him that he is ready to offer whatever the sage asks for. Vishwamithra explained about the trouble he was facing in the forest and asked Dasharatha to send Ram to help him fight the demon's.

***Valmiki Ramayanam - Bala Kandam 

स्व पुत्रम् राज शार्दूल रामम् सत्य पराक्रमम् || १-१९-८
 काक पक्ष धरम् शूरम् ज्येष्ठम् मे दातुम् अर्हसि |
"As such, oh, tigerly king, it will be apt of you spare the services of that brave one whose valour itself is his truthfulness, that youngling whose hair locks are all the more jet black like crow wings on either side of his head, spare that eldest son of yours, namely Rama. [1-19-8b, 9a]

Dasarath was not willing and he refused at first. Vishwamithrar said " Dasaratha I need a help from you. I am going to do a yagam at the place called Siddhashram, punyashram  where the old Vamanashram is located. Many arakargal(Demons) are hindering and trying to stop the Yagam. To kill the demons and to help me in completing the yagam, I want you to send your elder son Ram with me. I will not be able to fight with them since i am undertaking the viratham(oath/yagam)."

***Valmiki Ramayanam - Bala Kandam 

शक्तो हि येष मया गुप्तो दिव्येन स्वेन तेजसा || १-१९-९
 राक्षसा ये विकर्तारः तेषाम् अपि विनाशने |
"Indeed, he is capable to eradicate those demons that are thwarting the ritual by his own divine resplendence, and protected by me as well. [1-19-9b, 10a]

***Valmiki Ramayanam - Bala Kandam 

श्रेयः च अस्मै प्रदास्यामि बहुरूपम् न संशयः || १-१९-१०
 त्रयाणाम् अपि लोकानाम् येन ख्यातिम् गमिष्यति |
"I will also accord many kinds of benefits to him by which he acquires renown in all the three worlds, no doubt about it. [1-19-10b, 11a]

Will dasarathan send Ram ? Ram was born after 60,000 years of great penance and putira kameshti yagam by Dasarathan. Dasarathan did not 

want to send Ram and refused. Vishwamithra angrily said " Poi prathignai seithai. Naan ulle nuzhaintha udan yenna vendumo kel yendru sonnaye ? Ne un uravinargaloda inbamaga Vazh. selgiren" yendru solli  kovamaga sendrar vishwamithrar. Vashistar "Dayaratha. Un magan nanmaikaga Vishwamithrar sollugirar. Annupi vai. ".  This was one occasion when Vashitar and Vishwamithrar agreed on something probably it was because of Ram. Kudave Ramanai Lakshmananoda serthu anupi vaikirar. Vishwamithrar with Ram and Lakshman started from Ayodhya and walked along the southern banks of River Sarayu.  

Yatra people leaving from Ayodhya

We all need to start from Ayodhya as well. Let us do a quick recap of the places we saw in ayodhya and then start from Ayodhya.


let us quickly go around ayodhya before we start from Ayodhya.
1- Sarayu river - on the banks of this river only Ishvagu King built the city of Ayodhya.
2- Ram Janma Bhoomi referred as Ram Lalla - the place where Ram was born many million years ago. Let us all get Ram bhakthi. 

3- Dasaratha Bhavanam

4- Vashista Kund - Raman pirapatharku karanamaga iruntha Rushya Singar. Avar puthira Kameshti yagam Seithathanal Raman piranthan. Puthira Kameshti Yagam sietha yagna sthalam and athai yerpadu paduthi kudutha Vasitar.
5 - Makauda Ghat - Payasam vantha idam
6 - Kanaka bhavanam - Ram - sita's place.
7 - Raj Darbar - The place where sita came first when reaching ayodhya and served food to your inlaws and got lots of gift.
8 - Hanuman Gadi  - Hanuman and Rama nama parayanam
9 - Valmiki Bhavanam - with all the 24000 slogam on its walls with Valmiki, luv and kush, Rama Namam and loads of SriRamajayam books
10 - Ammaji Mandir - Ram temple in south indian style Built by Yogi Parthasarathy Iyengar and his wife.
11 - Lakshman Ghat - Place where Lakshman started on his journey to vaikuntam.
12 - Guptar Ghat - Place where Ram started on his journey to vaikuntam along with all the living beings of ayodhya. We are finding it so difficult to leave and start from Ayodhya, how much would have Ram felt when he left Ayodhya, how much would have the people of ayodhya would have felt sad, but luckily Ram didn't leave the people of ayodhya instead he had taken everyone with him to Vaikuntam.

Oru naal nichayam ayodhya darisananum,vaikunta prapthiyum, rama anugrahathale yerpada povathu thinnam. 

Ayodhya to Kamashram

Ayodhiyil irunthu vidai perugirom 240 KM prayanam, adutha idam Kamashramam. Mukiyamana idam. Vishwamithra took Ram and Lakshman along the southern bank of river Sarayu towards Kamashramam. We all are going in buses. We should also try to go "Pada Yathirai" enjoying rivers, forest, mountains, hills and it has very good benefits. we should probably try short pada yathirai.

This is Ram's first journey. They reached Janakapuri in 15 days.

First day they walked for 25 KM, 1.5 yojanai says Valmiki. (1.5 yojanai= 15 miles= 25 KM) and stayed on the banks of river Sarayu that night.  After a yatra one might feel tired due to travel, lots of activities, food and change in routine, most of the routine is different from what we thought it would be when we started but while returning it is rejuvenating for the soul. Udal sorunthu  poi irukkum, kangalil mattum oli irukkum, kangalilum ullathilum Rama anubhavam mattume minji irukkum.  Inspite of initial hiccups, We also see that people adjust so well during an yatra which is the actual objective of the yatra - to adjust, to develop patience, to stay in groups.

We are going to see a map of the travel to kamashram.  From Ayodhya we need to follow the southern bank of river Sarayu. Thanda, ajangar, Ghazipur. From Ghazipur if you take east we can go to Buxar which is in Bihar. Now we are going to UP/bihar border, Baliya district, Ghazipur. Kamasram is between Ghazipur and Buxar. Hence can be reached either from Ghazipur or from Buxar. As per Valmiki Ramayanam Gangai, Sarayu sangamam has happened at baliya maganam near Kamsram but we do not see that today and it happens in a place called Chapra.  This is probably due to many changes through all these yugam. We have reached Kamashram, beautiful pond and after a holy bath in the pond we shall proceed further.

Inimel perutha oruthiyai sandhikaporom Thadaka, bala athibala manthira upadesam, kausalya supraja pirantha kathai ketka pogirom inni aduthavaram santhipom. 

ஸர்வம் ஸ்ரீ கிருஷ்ணார்ப்பணம் 

Sri Ramanin Padhayil - Episode 09 - June 16 2013


Vishwamithrar visits Ayodhya 

Ram born in Ayodhya and finished his Gurukulam under the guidance of his guru sage Vashistachariar. Dasarathan had a discussion with all his ministers to get opinion on whether he can get Ram married or crown Ram as the king of Ayodhya. Meanwhile SageVishwamitra visited Ayodhya. 
Dasarathan welcomes Vishwamitra and gave him argyam, pagyam. Vishwamithrar said "Dasaratha I need a help from you. I am going to do a yagam at the place called Siddhashram, Punyashram  where the old Vamanashram is located. Many arakargal(Demons) will come and hinder and also try to stop the Yagam. To kill the demons and to help me in completing the yagam, I want you to send your elder son Ram with me"
Will Dasarathan send Ram? Ram was born after 60,000 years of great penance and puthira kameshti yagam by Dasarathan. Dasarathan did not want to send Ram and refused. 
Vishwamithra angrily said " Poi(lie) prathignai(promise) seithai. Naan ulle nuzhaintha udan yenna vendumo kel yendru sonnaye? Ne un uravinargaloda inbamaga Vazh. selgiren" yendru solli  kovamaga sendrar vishwamithrar. Vashistar "Dayaratha, Un magan nanmaikaga Vishwamithrar sollugirar. Annupi vai". 
Vishwamithrar kuda Ramanai Lakshmananoda serthu anupi vaikirar Dasarathar.

Ram on his first Yatra

Vishwamithrar with Ram and Lakshman started from Ayodhya and walked along the southern banks of River Sarayu. Ram and Lakshman being Chakravarthy's son didn't ask for rath, soldiers or anything and they started to walk along with the sage following the order from the father. Ram and Lakshman were just 12 years during this first trip.

Shringi Ashram

During the journey, they came and stayed in a place on the southern banks of river sarayu and called today as "Shringi Ashram". Shringi Ashram is the place where Bala, AtiBala the two mantra's were told(upadesam) by Vishwamithrar to Ram/Lakshman. This place is in dense forest area. The two mantra's were to overcome Pasi(hunger), dagam(thirst), thookam(sleep) and to stay with strength. From Shringi Ashram they started and reached Kamashram. 
As part of Sri Rama Anu yatra we are here at Kamashram following Ram's footpath.

Bala - AtiBala - Updadesam

Vishwamithrar did upadesam of the two mantiram's called "Bala and AtiBala"- thukam, pasi, thagam , sorvu, mayakam yellathaiyum vella uthavum manthiram. When we plan to do a vratham, mantras like this, deekshai, pranayamam helps a lot to stay in focus.


Kamashram is called as Punyaashramam. Earlier Mahasrishi's did tapas here. After Ram's visit, this place became more popular. Beautiful pushkarani when we enter this place. After bathing and proksham at pushkarani we enter the sannadhi.

Rudhran and Kamadevan at Kamashram

What is the mahatvam of this place? 
Once Rudhran himself did tapas here. All the Devas sent Kamadevan(Manmadhan) to this place to meet Rudhran. They wanted Rudhran to fall in love with Parvathi to have Subramanya who is supposed to be the Devargal senapathi. Kamadevan karumbhu(sugarcane) villai(bow) varaithu malar kanaigala ana ambhu(arrow) eidhinan Rudhran mela. But Rudhran got angry. Rudhran kamadhevanai moondraam kannale(3rd eye) nettri kannale yerithan. Angathodu vanthavan anangathodu ponan. Earlier it was called Punyaashramam. Later it was called Kamashramam after this incident. This is called kameshwar Dham nowadays. 

Location of  Kamashram

Located in Bihar, 26 KM from Buxar. From Buxar towards right cross the Ganga dam, then at baroni round tana take right to reach a village called chitbaragaon, take left from there and travel 6 KMs to reach a beautiful Arch which is Kameshwar Dham. When we come inside we can see Kamashram. Raman padugai sevithu kollalam. Whereever Ram traveled, all those places we can see the prathistai of Ram padugai.

What we learn at Kamashram ?

Ram is Eka pathini(wife) virathan. This place is where Kamadhevan was burnt by Rudhran. Ramanukku indriyangal, pulangal aandathu, athanaiyum jeiyithavan. ( Ram has conquered his senses). Raman anugrahathale avan namakku kuduka koodiya periya udavi yenbathu, nam kamathai(lust) tholaipathu, pulangalai (senses) anaithaiyum jeipathu. Kamashramathile Bhagawanin thiruvadigalai seivithu, Pulangalai jeithu Ramanidathil bhakthiyodu thigazhvomaga.

Suprabhatam - Kausalya Supraja

Slogam - "Kausalya supraja...........", Meaning - "Moovulagathukum mangalam undaga bhagawane Srirama pozhuthu pulargirathu, devarir yezhunthu irunthal than, kadakshithal than, ulagathuke vazchi" Vishwamithrar Ramanukkum, Lakshmananukkum thirupalli yezhuchi padi kalaiyil yezhupugirar. 

Intha slogam Valmiki Ramayanathil ullathhu. We here this slogam everyday in our houses and we can hear this at thirumalai thirupathi in the early mornings everywhere. Kanchipurathil yezhunthuaruliiruntha "Hastigiri nathar anna" yennum "Prathivathi Bayangaram annagarchariar Swami". Avar than achariyamaga Venkatesanukku Suprabhatham padinar. Indrum naan sollikondu irukkirom.
Yezhuntha Raman, started with Vishwamithra. Probably before or after reaching Kamashram Vishwamithra has sung this slogam to wake up Ram who was sleeping while they traveled in the forest.

Bala - AtiBala - Contd..

Vishwamithrar did upadesam of the two mantiram's called "Bala and Atibala "- thukkam, pasi, thagam , sorvu, mayakkam yella thaiyum vella uthavum manthiram. When we plan to do a vratham, mantras like this , Manthirangal, deekshai, pranayamam helps a lot.

Suprabhatam - Kausalya Supraja - Contd..

Suprabhatham - "Kausalya supraja..." Where was this slogam born ? Was this slogam first sung at kamashram ? Let us hear more on that from Kamashram itself. Was this first sung at Kamashram ? They stayed in Kamashram and the next day sequence this slogam is not there. This slogam sequence in valmiki ramayanam is even before they decided to stay in Kamashram. More on this is given in the book given to you. Near Siddharshram also they will show a place where they claim to be the birth place of this slogam. I am not clear on how come it could have been sung at siddhashram since this comes before kamashram. Though there are muranpadu like this, reason could be changes to the path of the river over ages, so we cannot predict it exactly. Between here and buxar somewhere this slogam must have born. 

Gangai Sarayu Sangamam

Slogam - "thou prayan..."

Ganga has 3 paths says Valmiki in the above slogam. Antha Gangai and Sarayu serum Kamashram pathathukku vanthargal explains that slogam. 

Near kamashram we don't see Gangai and Sarayu sangamam nowadays. The actual gangai, sarayu sangamam is 2 hrs travel from here -Chapra. When we came first time in 2006, we did the discovery by referring to lots of books. We also understood during that exercise that many have explored these things earlier.

Kurathazhwan says in varadaraja sthavam slogam on ganga and meaning from Sadagopan.org ebook

"tavt pAdAbje prajAtA surasarit abhavat prAk caturdhA tata: tAsu
ekAm dhatte dhruva: sA tribhuvanam apunAt trIn patha: bhAvayanti |
tatra ekA kham vrajantI Sivayati tu Sivam sA puna: saptadhA abhUt
tAsu ekA gAm punAnA varada! sakaraja-svarga sargam cakAra ||"
In this slokam, KUresar describes the many paths taken by Deva Gangai, which arose from Lord Varadan's TiruvaDi. Oh VaradarAjA! The Deva Gangai, which arose from Your sacred feet split in to four parts (varada! tvat pAdAbje prajAtA sura sarit caturdhA abhavat). One of them fell on SimsumAram, the assembly of stars at dhruva MaNDalam and is still borne by dhruvan (tata: tAsu ekAm dhruva: dhatte). One of the branches of the deva Gangai from the dhruva MaNDalam split in to three parts and flowed onwards and sanctified the tribhuvanam: earth, AkASam and the nether world of pAtALam (sA trIn patha: bhAvayantI satI tribhuvanam apunAt). Among those triad, the one flowing upwards to AkASam was received by Sivan in His matted locks and that purified Him (tatra kham vrajantI ekA tu Sivam Sivayati). That which entered the JaDai of Sivan divided further into seven parts (sA puna: saptadhA abhUt). One of those seven branches purified this earth and helped the sixty thousand sons of Sagaran to reach the svarga lokam (tAsu gAm punAnA ekA sagaraja svarga sargam cakAra). BhagIratan, the scion of Sagara lineage performed the tarpaNam with the GangA waters, drenched the ashes with the sacred GangA waters and gave sadgati to his ancestors.
Here he refers to "trIn patha:" - 3 path taken by Deva gangai 

Kamam(lust) and Krodham(anger)

Naam anaivarum Kamam and kobathal pidikka padugirom. Do we like that? No. Everyone wants to overcome these two. Kama is a natural wish and it is tough to control anger too. Kovam varum pothu - Ram Ram Ram yendru 108 time sollungal. Kovathai jeithuvidalam nu oruthar niyayamaga koorinar.
Another person misunderstood that and he started to say Ram namam when he was angry and he was telling it angrily. when questioned on why he was saying Rama nama like that angrily with tension he replied - "when in anger i have to say 108 times Rama namam and then need to show my angry.. so trying to finish it faster and then show my anger"... Is this right answer ? 
Rama namam solluvathu, avan thirumeniyai dhyanipathu namakku kovam, kamam kattupadutha. Meditating on Ram and  reciting Rama namam helps in controlling Kamam and Khrodham.
Key Takeaway
1. Meditating on Ram and  reciting Rama namam helps in controlling Kamam and Khrodham.

Slogam - "Abhyasena..", Kannan says - marupadiyim marupadiyum bhagawanin thirumeni, gunangalai nenaika nenaika nam kamam kattupatukku varum. Things around us have kutram(fault) in them. What we want to eat, where we want to stay and whom we want to be friends with.. everything has some fault in it. Bhagawan mela oru kutramum irukkathu. The more we get ourselves engaged in those things, we also tend to see the fault in them and our mind gets upset and wants to get rid of all these items which has kutram in them..When the mind get diverted from those faulty things, at that time we need something to focus our mind and at that time focus on bhagawan's thirumeni. This helps in controlling our kamam and Krodham. 

Lets all try to control Kamam and krodham. Kamadevanaiye paramasivanar yeritha intha idam. Raman had controlled both kamam and Krodham. With Ram's blessings let us all control Kamam and Krodham. Our visit to Kamashram should help us in controlling kamam and Krodham. 

Kamam is needed and hence it is listed as part of the 4 purusharthams(goal to acheive) - Aram, Porul, Inbam , Veedu ie Dharma, Rrtha, Kama, Moksham. Athil kamam miga seeriya(good) purushartham. 

Ramanuja nootrandhathi slogam - "Sema Nal veedum..." says Thiruvarangathu Amudhanar.

Thirumangaiazhwar in Siriya thirumadal - "Ip paror solappatta..."

Azhwar says only 3 purushartham and yet to talk about moksham yennum purushartham.  He is talking about aram, porul, inbam. Athil Krishna kamam kidaithal, matha rendum kidaithu vidum yenbathhu azhwar sampradayam.

Sanyasi Ramanujar also explains about the purushartham called kamam and explains how it is the best purushartham. 

We have come here to overcome Kamam and how is this explanation possible ? Intha idathil kamam yendru solluvathu Krishna kamam, bhagawan idathu kamam.  Matra kamathai ozhuthi vaithu Krishna kamam valarthukkanam. Krishna kamam vanthapuram matra kamam vidanama? or matrathai vittutu krishna  kamam patranama ?

Kurathazhwan and Mudaliandan were discussing and a question was raised.

The question was "should one stay away from everything to acquire Krishna kamam or will Krishna kamam help on in staying away from everything ?"

nammAzhvAr in thiruvAymozhi 1-2 - vIdumin , pasuram 4, pasuram 2689 says 

"illadhum uLLadhum * alladhu avan uru **
ellaiyil annalam * pulgu patRatRE"
Though he sand pulgu patratRE, in the vyakyanam it is explained as PatratRE pulgu.. "Pulgu patratRE" means - pudichiko, appuram patru thanagave adainthu pogum. Poorvacharyargal explains as "PatratRE pulgu" which means - Patru aruthuko appuram bhagawanai patralam nu solli irukka.

Kurathazhwan explains this to dasarathi "Vidarthu yellathaiyum vittutu than Krishnanai patranam." nu sathithar.We all would then think that only Kurathazhwan can attain  moksham, who else can? He had that vairagyam. It is difficult for us to follow that route explained by Kurathazhwan. Even Muthaliandan explains this to Kurathazhwan - "Vasthavam than neer solluvathu. Anaal Kamam sattru kurainthal pol irukkum pothu, nal yennam varum pothu krishnanai pudithundutal.. antha krishna kamathin shakthiyale matrathu yellam thane vittu pogum." i.e. When the effect of Kamam seems less and at that time if we focus on Krishna Kamam then Krishna kamam will lead us further.


Sri Rama Anu yatra team starting from Kamashram to Buxar with the able guidance of all the volunteers.
Buxar - in Bihar on the banks of river ganga. We are going to visit three places here - 
  • Vaikunkanathar kovil,
  • Thadaga vanam,
  • Siddhashram.
There was no electricity when we entered the village. The route to Siddhashramam was not good. In the beginning though there is fear later 
the fear goes off and everyone starts thinking "Whatever happen let it happen.. Ram will take care of it". This is Krishna leela. South indians are filled with lot of tension, north indians are compartively people with less tension and they take things easy. We get all these qualities when we go on a yatra.

Vaikuntanathan kovil

A person from kancheepuram called "Gathi Anthachariya swamy".Sirantha pandithar. Anaivarum perumanai adaiya vendum nu yennam kondavar. He 
went to north and did upanyasam, did vadam(debate), built temple and spread our sampradayam. This is one of the temple built by him. Bhajan by the local people was very nice and we all felt like watching it inspite of being late in the night.Vaikunta nathanai darisippom.

Tadaka Vanam

Naam Thadaga vanathai vanthu adainthom.
Kulasegaranudaiya padal in perumal thirumozhi on Chakravarthy thirumagan  and how he killed tadaka as follows. As per these lines by Kulasegarar we are going to have our further darshan. 
vandhu yedhirndha thaadakaithan uratthaik keeRi
varukurudhi pozhithara venkaNai onREvi
mandhirangoL maRaimunivan vELvi kaatthu
vallarakkar uyiruNda maindhan kaaNmin
senthaLirvaai malarnagaisEr sezhunthaN sOlai
thillainagar thiruchchithrakoodanthannuL
andhaNarkaL oru moovaayiravar yEttha
aNimaNi aasanatthu irundha ammaan thaanE (10-2)"
Meaning from Sadagopan.org 
The Lord Sri Ramanachandra who sent the strongest sharp arrow through Thaataka [who had come in front of Him to prevent the yaagams of Sage Viswamitra] with blood pouring out of her chest, killing her, thus saving and protecting the yaagam of the revered vedic sage; the one who also conquered Subhahu and Mareecha who came to stop the same yaagam; He is the same who shows Himself so gracefully and majestically at Thillai Thiruchitrakootam, which is full of charming gardens where fragrant cool flowers are found aplenty; full of red tender leaves with flowers at the centers; which enchants the residents and visitors. Obeisance is paid to this EmperumAn by about
three thousands of Srivaishnavas who do not know and want anything other than the Lord Himself as the Only Goal; ananya prayOjanars. He is the One and Only One- Sarveshwaran who sits on Golden throne impregnated with the most precious gem stones in this Diyya Desam.

Vishwamithrar with Ram and Lakshman started from Kamashram and reached a dense forest area which was beautiful and scary too. Raman asked about the place to Vishwamithrar - "Thadagai yennum araki  anaivaraiyum kollum vallamai, 1000 yanaigalukkukana balam. Aval ingu than vazhgiral. avalodaiya kadu ithu. Mun oru naal Maladam , Karuusham yendru intha nattuku peyar. Anal intha kattai yeduthu kondu aval attagasam pannugiral. Rama aval yeppothu vedumanalum varalam.............." 

Yendru vishwamithrar koorikondu irukkum pothe perutha oosai yoda thadagai vanthal. 1000 yaanaigalai adithu than thoolil(shoulders) malaiyaga aninthu irunthal. Vishwamithrar parthu bayanthu vittar.

In the slogam 1-26-14 Valmiki says - 

"स्वस्ति राघवयोः अस्तु जयम् च एव अभ्यभाषत  "
Raghava mangalam, Ramane pallandu, bayathil Ramanukku yella mangalangalum undaguga yendru mangalam padinar Vishwamithrar.
Vishwamithrar Ramanai patthi yennaku theriyum dasaratha, unnaku than theriyathu yendru solli kuttikondu vanthavar. Anal Tadagai parthu bayanthu poi, yella mangalangalum undaguga yendru sonnar. Ithu than oru bhakthanuku undana anbhu, perum kadal(love). Peruman yeppadi pattavar, avar perumai yellam therinthu irunthalum, avarukku oru aabathu yendravudan ullam urugi pogiran, kalangi pogiran athu than bhakthiyin ilakaman. 

Ramanai aanai ittar vishwamithrar - "Ivalai kondru vidu. Ivalal yellarukkum abathu". Tadagai perutha uruvathudan theeyaval varugiral and azhagana ilam vayathinavan ana raman avalai kolla pogiran, villai valaithan, yosithan Raman - "Evalai kondral, ithu than muthal por. Muthal muthalil oru pennaiya(women) kolla vendum." Analum thane mudiveduthatar Raman as per following slogam..

Valmiki Ramayanam slogam - 1-26-2 as follows
पितुर् वचन निर्देशात् पितुर् वचन गौरवात् |
वचनम् कौशिकस्य इति कर्तव्यम् अविशङ्कया || १-२६-२
Ram thinks "Yen thagapanar parthu vishwamithrar pinne sella sonnar. Vanthuirukiren, ini Vishwamithrar sonnathai naan ketkavendum. Athu than veda vakku." Ore ambhale Tadagai kondran, aval perutha oosai yoda vizhunthal. 

Tadaka Vadam - meaning

We need to tell this story to our children. More like a cartoon, animated film. Periya Tadaka, azhagana chinna Raman, theeyathu ippadi than perisa bayangarama varum. Nallathu salaname illamal, padhatam illamal irukkum, iruthiyil Naalathu theeyathai vettri kollum, azhithu vidum. Oru pakkam kathai, ullura azhagana karuthu.
Tadaka's irandu magan(son) - Marisan, SubhaguTadakai is Rajo gunam - kamam, Krotham are like here two sons. Rajo gunathai Raman azhithan yenbathe ithan ut karuthu.  
The inner meaning is that kamam and Krodham are becuase of Rajo Guna and one must work towards controlling Rajo Guna and in turn control Kama and Krodham.
Yenga amarunthukondu bhajan, Tadaka vanam, sirpam yellam parthom.

Upanyasam from Tadaka Vanam

Oru Sri(lady) yai vatham pannalama yendru ninaithu iyappatu nirkirar Sriraman. Appo vishwamithrar sollarar - "ivalai pen yendru ninaikathe.. Theemaiyai azhithal than rajiyathuku nanmai purinthathaga aga mudiyum. 
Ramanuku Raja yendra porrupu undu.." athanala Tadagai vatham panna sonnar vishwamithrar. Raman ippadi ninaithu vitome. Thagapanar sonnar ivar pinne vanthom, avar varthai padi nadakavendum yendru mudivu pannar.
Valmiki Ramayanam slogam - 1-26-2 as follows
पितुर् वचन निर्देशात् पितुर् वचन गौरवात् |
वचनम् कौशिकस्य इति कर्तव्यम् अविशङ्कया || १-२६-२
Father ordered and I need to follow his order. Ramavatharam's essence is to follow the order's by elders.
Kulasegaranudaiya padal in perumal thirumozhi on Chakravarthy thirumagan as follows
vandhu yedhirndha thaadakaithan uratthaik keeRi
varukurudhi pozhithara venkaNai onREvi
mandhirangoL maRaimunivan vELvi kaatthu...........(10-2)".
Ramanai parthavedan, avan soulambyathai parthu sevipome thavira, avanai yethirthu vanthaval Tadakai oruthi than yendru Vyakathar sollugirar. Aval marbhu kizhinthu vizhum padiyaga ambhu yeithi avalai vizthinan raman.
We are all at Tadaga vanam today. We cannot think this place is Tadaka vanam, instead it is the place where Ram had come. Though we talk good about our places, Ram didnt come there. But here Ram had come and Raman padam patta bhoomi. This is the greatness of Srivaishnava sampradayam. Tadakai kandal Ramanai. Nam innum muyarchi mattum saigirom. Thadagai yeppadi pataval aga irunthalum aval Ramanai kandal. Thadaga had the bhagyam to meet Ram. Itharku appuram siddhashram sendrargal. This entire place is called Siddhashram. On the way somewhere when Ram had taken a nap, the Kausalya Supraja.. slogam must have born.

What we need to remember..

1. Kamakshram - Lowkika kamathai  ozhithu, krishna kamathai bhakthiyil idupada vendum yenbathu.
2. Tadaka vanam - Avidhyai yendra Thaiyai(mother) ozhithu vittal, ahankaram, mamakaram  yendra pillaigal ozhinthu povargal yendru. 
3. Siddhashram - Raman Yaganam samrakshanam panni koduthan. Vishwamitrar thanai thane kathu kolla mudiyum yendralum , kathukollamal ramane ratchagan yendru nambhinar allava athaye ovooru saranagathanum purinthu kolla vendum. Om Namo Narayanaya - Middle word is "Namo" saptham which means - "yennai ratchikum poruppu yennidam illai. Avane than upayam, avane than ratchagan. Namaha - yennaku naan allen, adiyenai ratchikum porupu yennathu alla. Mokshathuku upayam panna vendiya poruppum yennathu alla. Perumane upayam yendru ninaikarome. Vishwamithrar thanai thane ratchithu kollamal, Ramanai nambinar. Prapannargalai Saranagathargalai - Ishwaran ozhinthavar ratchagan alla - yendru PIllai lokacharya poleyuum - prapanna parithranathule sonnom. Vedanta desikan says "thayi... aratchagaike manuyaiye..." meaning "Ne(bhagawan) ratchikanam yendru vanthal veru yarum vara thevai illai, ne thandikanum yendru vanthal vera thonaiku kootikondu vanthal prayojanam illai."

    Key Takeaway
    2. Kamashram : Stay away from Lowkika kamam and stay focussed on Krishna Kamam
    3. Tadaka Vanam : To get rid of  ahankaram, mamakaram one need to acquire knowledge.
    4. Siddhashram  : The responsibility to protect me is HIS responsibility. HE is the protector and HE is the means too. 

    Parayanam starting from 1-26-11 slogam ---------

    ஸர்வம் ஸ்ரீ கிருஷ்ணார்ப்பணம் 

    Sri Ramanin Padhayil - Episode 10 - June 24 2013


    Last week we had seen Kamashramam, Vaikunta nathar kovil, Thadaga Vanam at Buxar. We are going to visit Siddhashram the final place at Buxar.

    Siddhashram at Buxar & Ram's stay

    "Yesha poorvashramo ramo vamanasya mahatmanava" slogam 1-29-3b, 4a on siddhasram in Valmiki Ramayanam.
    एष पूर्व आश्रमो राम वामनस्य महात्मनः || १-२९-३
    सिद्ध आश्रम इति ख्यातः सिद्धो हि अत्र महातपाः |

    Vishwamithirar did yagam for 6 days at Siddhashram. Ram,Lakshman during the travel stayed at the following places..

    Day 1 - Banks of Sarayu river
    Day 2 - Kamaashram
    Day 3 - thadaga Vanam and Vadam
    Day 4  to 9 - yagyam which was done for 6 days.. Ram and lakshman guarded during the yagyam and this is for what vishwamithrar brought them to Siddhashramam. 

    Siddhashram has the homa kundam. Siddhashram is known as Punyaashramam, Siddhashram. What could be the reason/meaning for this name "Namma aasai siddhi adaiyakoodiya idam.. Punyam kittum idam." This place has link with earlier avataram too. 

    Vamanan and Siddhashram

    Vishwamithrar says to Ram "Rama ithu than vamana murthyku mun aasharam. Pirpadu than Vamanan thiruvikramanaga ulagathai alandar". Vamana vatharam is before Ramavatharam. So we can take this as Ramanukke Poorvashramam. Sanyasaashram - when we refer family members of Sanyasi's we refer as  poorvashrama wife, poorvashrama son.Raman is grihasthan. Vamana murthi didn't get married he was  brahmachari. So intha illarathuku athu poorvashramam. 

    ****Valmiki Ramayanam : Bala Kaandam : Sargam 29 - Legend of vAmana narrated - Rama and Lakshmana inquisitively enquired into the Siddha aashrama, Accomplished Hermitage in the earlier chapter for which Sage Vishvamitra informs about the heritage of that hermitage for it once belonged to Vishnu in Vaamna incarnation. Vishvamitra narrates about it and how Vaamna, a dwarfish ascetic boy eradicated evil on earth. It is a suggestion to Rama from Sage Vishvamitra to do likewise in this incarnation of Rama also.

    Visiting Siddhashram at Buxar 

    Siddhashram is sharing the wall with the central jail. Hence we had to take lots of permission and visit in small groups. Samsaram yennum sirai(jail) lerunthu vidu pada vendumanal Siddhashramathil Ramanai darisikka vendum. More restriction to visit Ram like all the security in Ram janma bhoomi at ayodhya. Raman yagam rakshikum idammana Siddhashram - here also lot of security challenges.  Interesting to have these experiences/challenges/surprises during a yatra and volunteers will solve them. All we need to say is "Jai Sriram" and move forward. When we traveled it was very hot, this made us to question if it was because it was the place of Yagam. 

    Siddhashram - Mareecha, Subaahu

    It is here in siddhashram, the during the last day of the yagam - two rakshashas Marishan, Subhago had come to fight.  Marishan - otti vittar Ram, Subhago - Azhithu vittar Ram. Why didn't he kill Marishan ? Why did he kill Subhago alone ? Why he did so ? Vedantham answers this "thathathi gama uthara poorvagayoho ashlesh vinaso" This is what Vedavvysar says in  brahma sutra as part of Vedantham. Naam perumal kitta, kuttram yellam unarundhu saranam yendru poi nirkirome, athuku munnal panna papangal yethanaiyo, innimelum samsarathil irukira padiyal sila papangalai namalai ariyamal seivom. Rendum oondu. Saranam nu poi nindralum, itharku munnal arinthu papam seithu irukirom, itharku pinnal ariyamaiyal seiya pogirom, indha rendaiyum peruman ozzhithu vidugiran. Yeppadi theriyuma ? Oru nerupil, panchai(cotton) yeduthu pottal.. sambhal aagum. Athe pola perumanum nam munn seitha papangalai azhithu vidugirar, athe pinnal seiya pogum papangalai azhipathillai, oru thamarai(lotus) illai thanneer pole, yerikkamal, thattina vudaneye suvadu illamal pogirathu allava athu pole pin seiyum papangalai suvadu illamal thavirthu villaki vidugiran. Onnai azhithu vidugirar, Onna Otti vittu vidugirar. Munne panna pappathai azhithu vidugirar, Innimel(Saranagati ku pinnar) pana pogum pappathai - otti vidugirar. To emphasize this Marisanai Otti vittar, Subhaguvai Azhithu vittar. This is a deep  meaning. 

    Key Takeaway
    1. Munne panna pappathai azhithu vidugirar, Innimel(Saranagati ku pinnar) pana pogum pappathai - otti vidugirar. To emphasize this Marisanai Otti vittar, Subhaguvai Azhithu vittar.

    One person who traveled  the youngest in the trip said "Marisan was not killed in order to come back has maya deer later so that Ram can kill Ravana" 

    Ramanai darisithom Siddhasramathula, Siddhashramam - Vamanan and Raman has been related to this place.

    ****Valmiki Ramayanam : Bala Kaandam : Sargam 30 - Legend of Siddha ashrama - Rama and Lakshmana while safeguarding the ritual of Sage Vishvamitra for six days and nights, on the last night demons named Maareecha and Subaahu come to hinder the ritual. Rama acts deftly and hits out Maareecha to a long distance, but kills the other, namely Subaahu. Rama thus makes the ritual of sage Vishvamitra a success.

    Starting from Buxar towards Chapra(RevalGunj)

    We are starting from Buxar.. on the banks of sarayu.. Vishwamithrar took Ram and Lakshman towards Siddhashram.. We are also following their path.

    Pasuram ..."Mamuni .." Thirupalliyezhuchi pasuram 4 by Tondaradipodi aazhwar..

    Ram helped in successfully completing the Yagam. Avavirahta snanam - after Yagam one needs to take bath in a river/pond/lake. Vishwamithrar had that holy bath and then they all walked towards north.. From Siddhasram we are also going to Chapra. Reached a place called Revalgunj, this is the place where Sarayu and gangai Sangamam. Gangai from the starting place till she reaches the oceans near hubli in bay of bengal, many rivers come and join ganga(sangamam). We are going to see one such sangamam.We need to take good care of the environment and not polluting when we take bath in rivers by avoiding plastics, soap,cream etc 

    Key Takeaway
    2. Do not pollute water bodies.

    Gautama Ashram -  Ahalya - Sarayu/Ganga Sangamam

    Near this sangamam is Gautama Ashram. We know the story of Gautama and his wife Ahalya. Due to Gautama's curse ahalya became a stone and was like that for many thousand years. Why that sapam(curse) for Ahalya ?
    Family tree of Gautamar.

    Brahma's son angiras, his son uttathyar, his son theergathamas, his son Gautamar. Gautamar married Ahalya. One day Ahalyai idalthil aasai konda indiran.Devindhiran aginum kamathuku vasa pattu kutram purinthan. Indhiran took the form like Gautam and he was with ahalya. Ahalya didn't know it was Indiran. When Gautamar came to know about this  and agnrily said to Ahalya "unnaku naan yaar avan yaar yendru theriya  yendru kovithu, sabhithu vittar. So she had to be a stone for many years.. Then with Ram's anugraham and 

    the blessings from his feet she got rid of her curse and turned to a woman and got moksham as per Gutam's curse. She is a pathivirathai but due to Indiran's she had to undergo this curse. We need someone to tell us about the greatness of Rama thiruvadi and we understand that through Ahalya. Let us go to the Sarayu Ganga sangamam which has lots of muddy water.

    Sri Ramanin padhayil nadabathu naimai payakum. We can say many story to explain this. We all know the story of a stone turning  to a women after the blessings from Ram's thiruvadi. Raman thiruvadi padum idathil kal laga kuda kidakalam. Gautamar ashramathai adainthullom, this is the place where ganga - sarayu sangam. When Ram and lakshman came with Vishwamithrar in a boat they hear some roaring noise even before they crossed siddhasram i.e. buxar. 

    Ram asks the reason for this noise. Vishwamithrar said that from north to south Sarayu is coming and she is joining Gangai and hence the sound.

    Change in course of rivers over years

    Due to many years, now the place of Sarayu, gangai sangamam has changed the course in the place called Revalganj.From Buxar we had to travel via Balia and then reach Chapra. Before that we have RevalGanj where the sangamam is happening today. On one side muddy Sarayu from Ayodhya..On the other side Gangai .. like a big elephant..Both the river sangamam can be seen here.Sangamathil kulipatho, nithyaanushtanam pannuvathu, naimai payam, perumanukku aanandam kodukum.

    Gautham Ashram Contd...

    Gauthamar lived with Ahalya in this Ashram. We can see small murthi's of Ram, Sita, lakshman. In another Garbha graham -  Gauthamar, Ahalya, Sathanandar, Hanuman's mother anjana devi,Veera anjaneyar.

    This sannidhanam, this environment with river sangamam, ashram  is a great experience to improve brahma gynana and experience shanthi without the hussle buzzle of the city which gives more peace and leads us to bhakthi due to this natural place.  We have seen such a serene place today and let us move on... 

    Key Takeaway
    3. Yatra basically is to take us to places which will help us in improving our brahma gynana.

    We are at the Gautama ashram where Sarayu/Gangai Sangamam.

    Now a doubt arises on where is Gautama ashram ? As per Valmiki Ramayanam, just before entering mithila near a place called "Kamthol" 
    ahalya sapa vimochanam happened. But we are talking about Ahalya sapam here in Chapra. So where is gautama ashram ? Let us try to find the answers from chapra itself.

    Upanyasam at Gautamar Ashram.

    We saw till 11th day night that they were in Sonar River Bank
    12th night - Stayed on the Bank of river Ganga and they heard the story of Ganga from Vishwamithrar. 
    13th night - Reached visala nagar and stayed. Sompur, Patna, Hajipur that is visala nagar.
    14th night - Ahalya sapa vimochanam.. 
    Question is how come gautama ashram is here in chapra and sapa vimochanam happened somewhere else ? did it happen in this ashram or 
    somewhere else ? This is the place where Gautama ashram is and the place probably Gautam lived here and the stone was somewhere near mithila on the way where Ram travelled.. Probably over time people started to refer this place as Ahalya Sapa Vimosanam. 

    45th sargam - Talks about the legend of churning milk ocean as told by Vishwamitra to Ram and lakshman when they reach a city named vishala.

    46th sargam - Talks about Diti Garbham
    47th sarga - Visala nagar entrance
    48th sargam - Ahalya sapam 
    49th & 50th sargam - sapa vimochanam
    let us do th parayanam of 48 and 49 sargam of Bala gandam. 

    We saw Sarayu nadhi, gangai sangamam next towards next sangamam - Gangai, Sona Nadhi  Sangamam.  

    We can check map - near the place called balia that is where ram questioned as why this roaring sound and we saw that Vishwamithrar replied that it was the roaring sound of river sangamam.  Now both the rivers are not joining in that place and we need to move east near 

    Chapra there is place called Revalganj where the Sangamam happens and we also saw the Guatama Ashram which is located there. Now next river. 

    River Son / Sona 

    River Son in english, Sona bhadra in hindi, Sonar Nadhi in Valmika Ramayanam. Vishwamithra stayed on the banks of River Sonar when they started from Chapra.  How do we go there ?
    From Chapra towards patna highway.. dooriganj, jathiyabhajithpur is the place where the sangamam of Ganga and Sonar happens.  We could not enjoy since it was night when we visited that place. Planning to go during day next time. 

    Story telling on the banks of River Son

    When staying in this place(Sona river-Ganga river Sangamam) only Vishwamithra explained
    1. His story
    2. Ganga story
    3. Parvati, Shiva and Kumara uthpathi.
    Three big stories has been told by Vishwamithra.. Like children listen to story, Ram and Lakshman also listen to these stories. Let us also listen to these stories from the banks of those river.


    Now we have crossed chapra and are at RevalGanj. We shall go to Sonepur later where Gangai and Khandaki sangamam happens.  From north when 
    we travel is SitaMari, from there if we travel North-east is janakpuri. If we Travel west in Nepal then we reach MukthiNath. West  is kathmandu. Cross bihar and go to nepal for Sita Kalyanam.

    31st Sargam - They started after the yagam. 

    slogam 1-31-19b, 20a, talks about - 11th day they started and stayed on the banks of river Sona 
    ते गत्वा दूरम् अध्वानम् लम्बमाने दिवाकरे || १-३१-१९
     वासम् चक्रुर् मुनि गणाः शोणा कूले समाहिताः |

    32nd sargam - Talks about Kushanaabha kanni charithram and Vishwamithrar starts to talk about his charithram.

    ****Valmiki Ramayanam : Bala Kaandam : Sargam 31 - rAma safeguards vishvAmitra's vedic ritual - Sage Vishwamitra travels to Mithila kingdom to attend a ritual of King Janaka and also to see the auspicious bow of Shiva that is being worshipped in the palace of Janaka from ages. The other sages suggest to Rama, that he too may go over there along with them to see that marvellous bow. They all proceed from Siddha Ashram towards River SoNa, a tributary of Ganga, and camp on its bank for a night.

    ****Valmiki Ramayanam : Bala Kaandam : Sargam 32 - rAma's travel to mithila city  - Sage Vishvamitra starts to narrate Kusha's legend. Vishvamitra is the offspring of Kusha's dynasty. Brahma gives boon to Kusha to beget four sons and one among them is Kushanaabha. Kushanaba begets a hundred daughters of excellent beauty. When Vayu, Air-god cherishes them all, those girls refuse him, as they prefer an arranged marriage by their father. Then Air-god in his indignation disfigures them all. 
    ****Valmiki Ramayanam : Bala Kaandam : Sargam 33 - Legend of Brahmadatta. Daughters of Kushanaabha report about the Air-god's mischief.
    Pleased at their behaviour Kushanaabha thinks and arranges for their marriage with Brahmadatta, a saintly king. After the marriage, by the touch of hand of Brahmadatta the girls are rid of their misshapen bodies and they again become great beauties.
    ****Valmiki Ramayanam : Bala Kaandam : Sargam 34 - Legend of vishvamitra's ancestry - Vishvamitra narrates about the birth of Gaadhi, his 
    own father and the son of Kushanaabha. Incidentally he narrates about the emergence and prominence of River Kaushiki, who is Vishwamitra's 
    elder sister turned out as a sacred River.

    Family tree of Vishwamithrar and Parasurama

    Brahma - Kusan - Kusanabhar - Gaadhi. Gaadhi's son is vishwamithrar. Gaadhi had one son - Kaushigan/vishwamithrar and one daughter Kaushiki who became a river. Vishwamithrar's name is Kaushigan. He was a kshatriya by birth but did tapas to get Brahma tejas to become Brahma Rishi. Parasurama though born as a brahmama was more like a kshatriya with more tejas and kovum. There is a story behind this reason and this change. 

    Oru charu mari poiduthu. Charu means Payasam. Payasam puttrothpathikaga. 

    Ruchigar, Ruchigar's wife, Her father is Gaadhi. Ruchigar creates two payasam. One for his wife and one for his MIL(Gaadhi's wife). Gadhi's wife(Ruchigar's MIL) changed the payasam, thinking that Ruchigar would have made good payasam for his wife and Gaadhi's wife decided to drink the portion which was meant to her daughter i.e. Ruchigar's wife. Ruchigar had made the payasam thinking that he want a son with Brahma Tejas and Gyanam for his family and a good Kshatriya for Gaadi. But the payasam was changed. Ruchigar came to know about this. Actually he had planned for a son with Brahma Gyana rishi for him and good kshatirya for Gadi. Ruchigar tells his wife - This mistake has happened because of your mother's act and that you are going to get a son who will be very angry. She feels very sorry about the curse of getting a son who will be very angry. Ruchigar says that having a angry son cannot be 
    changed but it can be post poned for sometime. So Jamathagni is born for Ruchigar. Jamathagni must have been angry but since the curse was 
    postponed he was normal. Then Jamathagni marries Renuka devi who gives birth to Parusuram who was very angry though he was brahmanan by 
    birth and we all know that he cut his mother Renuka's head. So vishwamithrar was born to Gaadi as a Kshatriya but wished for Brahma tejas and Vishwamithrar tells this story to Ram and Lakshman. On the banks of river sona vishwamithrar told his story to Ram and lakshman. 

    Story of Kumara 

    On the river banks of Sona river, vishwamithrar tells his story first to Ram and Lakshman. Then he talks  about Gangai and Ganga's story. Then he remembers Aparna - the sister of Ganga also known as Uma Devi, shiva's wife and he tells the story of how skandan was born to Shiva and Parvathy..Kumara urpathi pathi sollugirar.. aachariyamana kathai.  We shall see that in short. 

    ****Valmiki Ramayanam : Bala Kaandam : Sargam 35 -Legend of River Ganga - Sage Vishvamitra along with others reach the banks of River Ganga and they make their sojourn on that riverbank. There when Rama inquisitively enquires about River Ganga Vishvamitra narrates the legend of Ganga, as to how she is taken to heavens by gods from her father Himalayas.

    ****Valmiki Ramayanam : Bala Kaandam : Sargam 36 - Legend of Uma and her curse - Shiva on his marriage with Uma is in the conjugal bliss for a long period due to his yogic powers. Fearing the result of that prolonged activity all gods prey for the cessation of it because none in any world can carry that offspring. Shiva accepting that request asks them where to discharge the sperm that has already stirred up. Gods indicate the earth as the taker. Shiva accordingly inundates the earth with his fluid. Then the Fire-god is dispatched to consolidate that into a reed forest called sharavaNa . Goddess Uma ireful at the prevention of begetting a son, now curses gods and earth to be childless.
    ****Valmiki Ramayanam : Bala Kaandam : Sargam 37 - Legend of kaartikeya - Sage Vishvamitra continues his narration about the earthly course of Ganga, her begetting Kaartikeya, Krittika-stars breast-feeding that boy, gods naming that boy as Kaarthikeya, and that boy's anointment as the Chief of Celestial Armies.

    We have heard about meru malai. In Gita Krishna says that "Malaigalil naan Meru malai aaga irukiren". Meru's daughter is Menaka.  In Gita Krishna says "Sthavarangalukkule Himachalamaga iruiren ". Meru is a great mountain and his son in law is Himachalam a great sthavam(Plant ?).

    Himachalam and Menaka get married and they have two daughters - one is ganga, other one is uma also known as Aparna, Himaputhri. Why the name aparna ? She wanted to marry Parasivam and stayed without eating anything even a leaf.  Aparna - Paranam means leaf.. even without eating anything even a leaf she did tapas to marry Parasivam.  Her mother said "don't do this" "U Ma" Ma means vilakuthal, thaduthal. Then Uma and Paramasivan got married. The child of them is supposed to be the senapathi of the Deva's. 
    The deva's requested to Shiva.. To save us from the asura, we don't have deva senapathi. we need a son of yours who can be a Sena pathi.
    Paramasivan isanthar. Anal avar Shakthiyai yar thanga ? intha bhoomi than thanga vendum. Paramasivanar than shakthiyai bhoomi idathe avaganam panninar. Udane oru perutha uruvam yerpatathu. Oru pani malai pol yer pattu, athu perithu perithaga valaranthathu. Athaithan Nanal putharile oru kadu. Nanal kadu - Saravana poigai. Antha saravanathula, poigaila kuzhanthai uthithathu. Kuzhanthai thane uthika villa. Gangai has helped and Vishwamithrar explains how Ganga helped too. Bhoomi sattendru thanga mudiyuma ? Devargal yellarum Agniyai vendinargal. Fire God Agni and Ganga transformed the place of birth of the child to a golden place. This is waht called as Jatha Roopam. Gold has a name called Jatha Roopam. Antha idam, antha poigai achariyamana idamaga marivittatham. Ganga has helped to safe guard this child. The child was born. The child named as Skandan, because Gargam nazhuvi kizhe vizhunthathu. Skalanamagi piranthapadiyal.
    Then the deva's requested 6 karthigai Star, they saved him and gave him milk. So he got the name karthigan, karthikeyan, 6 faces so aarumugan, Nanal poigai i.e. Saravana poigai la piranthathale Saravanan, Rombha azhaga irunthapadiyal murugan, azhagan, Devargalukku senapthi yagaiyale Deva senapathi. With so many names Kumaranoda Utpathi nadanthathu. 
    In Bhagavad gita krishna says "Senapathiyile naan skandanaga, muruganaga irukiren".

    Story of Ganga next week

    We heard the story of Vishwamithrar, Kumaran now we need to here about Gangai. In this place Gangai and sona sangamam happens. Then Gangai and kandaki sangamam happens, then only we enter nepal. From where does Ganga starts ? Uttaranchal she starts and joins Bay of Bengal with many Sangamam on her way. Why was Ganga born ? How did Bhageerathan get Ganga to earth ? Vishwamithrar told these to Ram and Lakshman, we shall also hear and also see the course of Ganga from her starting place in Himachal. Ithu thani sirappu. Gangai karaiyil, aadutha varam Gangaiyin aatru sala salappu oosai nambha veetuleye ketkara aalavukku parkanam nambha 
    manasu uruvaganam. Katthuiruppom

    ஸர்வம் ஸ்ரீ கிருஷ்ணார்ப்பணம் 

    Sri Ramanin Padhayil - Episode 11 - June 30 2013


    Note : Suggest viewers to see the video on youtube for this episode to get real feeling of watching Ganga and all the prayag's. 

    "Sri Rama Rama Rameti Rame Rame Manorame.  

    Sahasranama Thathulyam Rama Nama Varanane."
    Paramasivinar explained Parvati about the greatness of Rama Namam.  from Himalayas till Kanyakumari all along in our Bharatha desam, one can hear Rama Namam. Rama Namam has been uttered and is lingering in all the places travelled by Ram. Listening to Rama Namam is also very blissful and makes ones happy.  
    As part of SriRamanin Padhayil we are in a very important place - place where Ganga and Shrona river Sangamam is happening. We have already seen the sangamam of ganga and Sarayu and had holy sacred bath and we have heard all the stories. 

    From Chapra towards Patna on the Patna Highway is a place called Doriganj. Near Doriganj is the next sangamam of ganga and river son(shrona in Sanksrit). The rivers in the north are flowing full due to rains. Ram and Lakshman came with Vishwamithrar and they heard many stories while staying on the bank of this river. 


    Pasuram "Thavam purinthu" from Periya Thirumozhi 1.4.8 

    Azhwar says that "Bhagirathan who did severe penance, got the ganges from the sky to the earth.  Ganga is the life giving (jeeva nadhi uyir nadi) river and great river for our Bharatha desam. 

    It is from this sangamam place, Vishwamithrar explained about how Ganga came to earth.  Let us see in this story in short and we are also going to have darshan of Ganga in this entire episode from the beginning to end. This is 

    itself a great bhagyam. 

    Ganga what is the name reason ? "Gaam bhuvam gatha ithi Ganga" - bhoomiyai vanthu adainthal athanal ganga - ganga who was in sky came down to earth so Ganga. As per Bhagirathan's request Ganga came down to earth. Why did she come to earth ? and to which place in t, the earth did Ganga came from the sky ? This is itself a very surprising information.  In the Ishvagu kulam there was king calledSakaran (before Ram). He had two wives. One of the wife gave birth to 60,000 children and one wife gave birth to only one child called Asamanjus. Sakara raja did Ashwametha yagam and he sent the yagam horse which is supposed to travel to various countries and if any king is capturing the horse then they need to fight and rescue and get the horse back.  This is the rule. But suddenly the horse disappeared. Everyone was clueles son where the horese is.  Father Sakara raja looks at his 60,000 children and asks them to go and find the horse. The 60,000 brothers went in search of the horse and all the way along they happen to dug lots of pit. The pit which they had dug is nothing but the big Samudhram/kadal/Sea. Sakara 

    raja's king's son has dug these pit so they are called as "Sagaram" i.e sea.  As they went searching they happen to see the horse standing next to kapila muni who was doing penance in the kiz logam. ON seeing that, all the 60,000 borthers came to a very wrong decision that Kapilar had captured the horse. But the horse was not captured by Kapilar and it had come all by itself. 

    Then they came to kill Kapilar and Kapilar in angry opened his eyes. THen all the 60,000 brothers were burnt into ashes due to Kapilar's curse. They all didn't get mukthi and the King was very unhappy. The king wanted the horse to be rescued and also his 60,000 sons need to be rescued from the curse.  Then he sent his other son but of no use. His Son Amsuman went to rescue the horse and get the 60,000 sons out of the curse. Amsuman was able to rescue the horse, but he could not rescue the 60,000 from the curse i.e could not get vimochanam.  His son Dileepa chakravarthy tried his best during his times and could not do anything. Dileepan's son is Bhagiratha.  It was he who did severe penance and got Ganga to this earth.  

    Bhageerathan was a great pandithan and he always knows the righteous path.  He did severe penance. The place where he did the penance is the great "Haridwar". There is a place called brahma kundam and from that place he is doing severe penance for Ganga to come down to earth. This was what Kapilar had told. The ganga who has been running in the akasam(sky) as many names like - Thirupathaga,Thrisrothas,Bheesmasuhu and many other names. She was flowing through 3 paths.  One path among the three is what Dhruvamaharaja held it on his head.  From there she started flowing down.  This is the one Paramashivanar is going to hold on his head and Ganga got stuck in Shiva's head.  Later after Shiva untied his hair then Ganga flew down till earth and then reaches the oceans in the east.  This is what is going to happen in future. But for now Bhagirathan is doing penance and finally Ganga was ready to listen to his request.  She said that "I can come down to earth, but who can resist the speed i would flow when i come down to earth. Earth will not be able to resist and manage the force of me coming down. ". Then Bhagirathan started to do penance towards Shiva peruman.  Shiva accepted his request. For the sake of the world's goodness Shiva was ready to hold the flowing ganga on his head.  Since shiva accepted the request, the bhagirathan again went to Ganga and requested to her to flow down to earth. Ganga started to flow with great force from the sky and shivan held her on his head.  Ganga who came down had so much ego that she was flowing with force and since she accepted to come down to earth. So Ganga was full of ego when she came down. On seeing this ego of Ganga, Shivan tied his hairlocks and ganga could not resist that and she could neither come out too - shivanar thalai mudi yeduthu kattinar, thallaiyil iruntha ganga thavithu ponal, veliyil vara mudiyavillai.  Later Shiva just released one strand of his hair and then Ganga started to flow down towards earth. That place is called BHINDU SARAS. BHINDU SARAS is near Gangothri. The place is like Spatika stone.  Ganga came down to earth at this place and she started to flow heavily with force - adithu purandu odugiral ganga. Then Ganga said "Bhagiratha you ride your chariot and i will follow you and flow through that way. Let all the animals, plants, crops grow well. " As she was coming, on the way there is Jannu Maharishi's ashram. Ganga didn't notice that ashram and she happen to disturb/destroy the ashram and she happen to flow through the ashram.  The Maharishi got angry and he drank the entire Ganga. Again ganga was in trouble. Then Bhagirathan requested him and pleaded at the Maharishi's feet and said "I have taken severe effort to get Ganga and if you happen to lock her in your stomach then the purpose will not be solved. Please release Ganga. " The Jannu Maharishi also accepted this and release Ganga from his stomach. Jhanhavi - the name Ganga got due to this. Then Ganga flew till eastern part of the indian ocean and on the way she also helped in the Sapa-vimochanam of the sakararaja;'s 60,000 sons.  On the eastern samudhram even today we have GANGA SAGAR which is the place Ganga joins the ocean/sea/samudhram. So ganga who was flowing in the sky came down to earth and made this entire bharatha bhoomi a punya desam. 

    This Ganga is nothing than Sripada theertham. When Thiruvikraman measured the world, one of his feet went till Brahma's Sathya logam. Brahma welcomed the foot of thiruvikraman and he washed the foot with a water called Dharma Devathai. That SRI PADA Theertham(water) is Ganga who is flowing down to the earth too. 

    Telling this story to Ram vishwamithrar said "Rama your ancestor Bhagirathan got this Ganga down to earth and hence you be happy". 

    Now that we have seen Ganga and how she came down to earth. Next let us see all the places she is flowing in this earth.


    Bhagavan SriKrishnar in his Bhagavad Gita says " Among the mountains, i am in the form of Himalayas". Himam means pani/snow.  Snow mountain- pani malai.  Himalayas is the worlds biggest snow mountain and worlds tallest peak is in this mountain. Everyone who is climbing the mountain, staying in that mountain, seeing that mountain or even uttering the name of that mountain is treated as punyam.  How did this Himalayan range get formed ? Before 900 million years( 9 crore years), our Nation Bharatha desam - India was not so closer like today with the Asian continent. It was little away from the asian continent. This nation came moving in the oceans/water and about 3.5 crore years ago it came and hit Asian continent. When this happened, the earth between the asian continent and India came up and raised above (naduvil iruntha bhoomi mel knoki pithungi uyarnthathu) and the bhoomi resulted in the formation of himalayan range. It's a lengthy mountain range spreading across india, nepal, tibet. Like this Himachalam is spread across. Many rivers are starting from Himalayas. 

    Ganga @ BADRI

    One of such great river is the important river Ganga who was brought down to earth by Bhageerathan. So ganga is also called as BHAGIRATHI. ALAKAPURI is above Badrikashramam. That is the place ganga is born and she is flowing from alakapuri and hence she is also referred as ALAKANANDA. On the other side is the place called GANGOTHRI which is a Glacier(Pani parai) and Ganga flows from there and that is called as BHAGIRATHI.  So we have ALAKANANDA and BHAGIRATHI the two rivers.  So many such rivers are flowing here. And the Ganga who is flowing near Badrikashramam is called as ALAKANANDA.  This mountain is called as NEELAKANTA malai. At Badrikashramam, Naran , Narayanan are names of two mountains referring to Naran and Narayanan. On the western side is the Narayana Parvatham and on the eastern side is the Nara Parvatham. These mountains were together earlier. When the Ganga was about to flow from the sky through ALAKAPURI and this mountain was not paving way to Ganga to flow. At that time, Indran sent his white elephant called Ayiravath and the elephant used its Tusk to hit the mountain and paved way for the ganga to flow down.  

    Azhwar explains this in the following pasuram - "Karanan than..."

    Bhagawan is on the banks of the river Ganga, because of (the reason(karanam) called) Bhagirathan Ganga is flowing down towards earth, Dark mountain is the Badrikasharama mountain on one side is the NeelaKanta mountain, snow capped mountains like silver with snow. When we are here our hearts are filled with joy.  We shall think that the place is currently flooded and huge disaster and people are in trouble. All there are because of nature (iyarkaiyin seetram). We should not do anything against nature. That too Himachalam is mud/clay inside and on the outer it is snow. It is a very fragile mountain. We need to be aware of this. Currently there are different types of projects and buildings on these mountains. Due to all these changes and as told by the environmentalist we should not tamper nature unnecessarily. Need to leave nature as it is.  Because of Bhagirathan and the elephant the ganga flows and on that bank is the  temple.  Due to this act of the elephant is the Nara mountain and the Narayanan mountain. The river flows with great force. At Badri it is very cold and early morning we have 

    Thirumanjanam for the perumal. One has to take bath at 3.30 AM to see that thirumanjanam. It would be a freezing cold to take bath at 3.30 AM.  THe great yogi's there just tie a sack on their hip and they take bath. After that bath they do 108 pradakshinam of the Badri perumal and the body is completely dried up including the sack they are wearing. Again they take bath at Alaknanda and again they do 108 pradakshinam. Like this they do it for 2 hours. This is true yogam. We are all living luxious life. If someone can do this, just imagine the will power they will acquire or have. Just visiting these places makes us realize that there is a supreme power beyond us which is regulating the world. This is the place where the 8 letter manthiram - 
    Ashtakshara manthiram, Thiru manthiram was told by Narayanan to his sishyam Naran.  The great Namo Narayanaya was born here at Badrikashramam. We saw the alaknanda Ganga flowing here at Badri.  We are currently closer just below the starting point of Ganga. Now we need to see each of the Sangamam and Prayag of Ganga to cross UP, Bihar and go till the place where Ganga meets Sona river.  
    Ganga Gita Govinda Gayathri are all starting with the letter GA. All these 4 if it is there with a person then that person becomes purified and becomes a punyashali and he would reach the eternal abode. Now we are on the banks of river Ganga where Shrona river is joining the river Ganga. This is the place where Vishwamithra is explaining the birth story of Ganga in detail to Ram and Lakshman.


    Sangam/Prayag means the joining of two rivers.  When we travel down from Badrikashram, the first one is VISHNUPRAYAG Here a river called Dauli Ganga is joining with Ganga. From their if we travel down south, NANDAPRAYAG. Nandagini river is joining with Ganga. Next is Pindari river joining Ganga at KARNAPRAYAG.  When you travel further down, Mandagini river joins Alaknanda(ganga) at RUDRAPRAYAG.  Between these various prayag, river Saraswathi joins Ganga at KESHAVAPRAYAG.  So there are 5 prayag's - PANCHA PRAYAG.  i.e. after the above 4 prayag also comes DEVAPRAYAG to make it 5 prayag's.  We shall know more on DEVAPRAYAG in detail separately. These PANCHA PRAYAG are very scared and popularly celebrated by all. 
    So from Rishikesh if we travel at 70KM is DEVAPRAYAG, then at 140KM is RUDRAPRAYAG, then at 169KM is KARNAPRAYAG, then at 190KM is NANDAPRAYAG, then at 256KM is VISHNUPRAYAG.  If one travels further up then is Badrikashramam. 

    To travel to these places, one can go till Delhi and then to Rishikesh/Haridwar. From there we need to take small buses/Jeep to travel upwards. The path is narrow and at times we might even think that the back wheel is outside the path too. If we look down the valley we shall see a silver line following us which is the river.  During the night the entire place is under control of the military and hence the gate needs to be opened and the gate needs to be opened for us to go up or come down. Yatra to Badri is a wonderful experience.  Like this from Badri after seeing all these Prayag we need to go down till DEVAPRAYAG. After some more prayag's and if we travel down south is the place where we are currently which is Ganga/Shrona river Prayag. 

    Now is the next important Prayag - DEVAPRAYAG. 


    Pasuram: sathumugan kaiyil sathupuyan... Periazhwar thirumozhi 4-7-3

    Ganga flows down as told in the above pasuram.

    We are looking at the path of Ganga. She flows for around 2500 KM and she is life saviour of many lakhs of people. This Ganga had come down from the sky to the earth. We saw how ganga was coming down from Gangothri on one side as BHAGIRATHI and as Alaknanda from ALAKAPURI above Badrikashramam. 

    All these are Ganga who was in Paramashivan's head hairlocks. 

    BHAGIRATHI is fierce fully flowing with force and is in green colour.  And on the other side is ALAKNANDA which is red in color. The place where these two girls(rivers) meet is DEVAPRAYAG a wonderful place. Periazhwar calls this kshetram as "Kanda mennum kadi nagar".

    What is the relevance w.r.t SriRamaninPadhayil and this place DEVAPRAYAG ? Yes. This is a very close relationship.  This place where the rivers are meeting it is very scary since just keeping one leg will drive the person into the river. So need to be careful and have bath in the slot where there are chains that too by holding the chains.  We usually have river bath during the yatra and hence all the dresses we take will not be much use except for few since the yatrika's take bath in the river and manage with few dresses. Men will not have time to shave and it might look like people are tired but the atma will be shining. When we are at our houses our body might be shining and glowing but not the atma, mind and the knowledge which will all be lazy. Places like these the bhakthi grows and multiplies.  Also when we return from the yatra there will be great memories like "THis is the dhoti which i had worn when i took bath in this prayag." and one will not even feel like washing them back home again since they were washed in those great rivers.  Everyone gets back Ganga filled in small vessels referred as GANGA THEERTHAM.  Thinking all this and also thinking of all those who could not join the yatra, we think all of them and we have the scared bath.


    Next is MARIYATHA PURUSHOTHAM RAM. At Devaprayag SriRam is there.  What is the history and relevance of Ram and this place ?
    Ram and lakshman have come to this place. This mountains name is called Dasaratha Parvath. Exciting informations. Ram has done penance here.  We can see Ram's thiruvadi chuvadugal. Next to that there is a "THINNAI" on which Ram had sat on. Ram had used this THINNAI during the Tapas.  Though this is not part of the SriRama Anu yatra, this is also a place travelled by Ram. All the places which we had gone in a different yatra is shown part of this SriRamanin Padhayil due to its relevancy with Ram. 
    Pasuram - "Thangaiyai.." - Periazhwar Thirumozhi 4-7-1

    Such is a greatness of this Devaprayag which we had seen now.  As we travel down along the river banks from Devaprayag, We get to see the great Rishikesh - the place where many Rishi's have done penance. At Rishikesh is the famous LAKSHMAN JULA. It is a hanging bridge at such a great height and near this place is LAKSHMAN GHAT. Lakshman had sat here and had done penance. This place is closer to DevaPrayag. This is all at Rishikesh.


    Further, if we travel downwards, This is HARIDWAR. HARIDWAR means Gateway for all the prayag's above this place. It is from here one need to enter to go to Badrikashramam. Here at Haridwar we have BRAHMAKUNDAM and TAPOVANAM. This is the place where Bhargeerathan had sat and did his penance and as per his wish Ganga comes down with the name called Bhagirathi. There is a place called "HARI KI PAIDI". Ganga here runs very broader. There is a tall Paramashivanar idol. When the flow in the river Ganga is very less then the water runs at the foot level of Paramashivanar and when she flows full of water then one can see water till his chest level.  PAIDI means steps/staircase. So HARI KI PAIDI means steps to climb to meet HARI at Badri.  In the evenings there is Arathi on the river bank for Ganga matha. People light diya's in lotus leaf, lotus flower, AGAL Vilakku(earthern Diya's), and they say "Ganga matha ki Jai" and they leave the diya's to float on ganga. Thinking of all the relations including father, mother, pithru, children and all other relatives let us all do our Pranams to Ganga Matha. 

    Bharatha Desam get's its greatness due to Ganga, yamuna, Saraaswathi and many such rivers.  Perumal has done all these and has given these rivers to us for our benefit. Such great perumal's SRI PADA THEERTHAM is ganga and should we not go and visit her atleast once in our life time ?. That is what we are seeing. The head pujari starts with a huge light/diya in his hand to do the arathi by singing songs, slogam and stotram on Ganga. Every other pujari follow him. Around 20,000 people assemble in the evenings to watch this arathi. Watching ganga in the moonlight along with the arathi is a beautiful scene and must watch scene and one will wish to see it forever. Many might say that this event might look scary. But if we are looking at the event with bhakthi, love, affection then it is great to watch. 

    Now that we have come till Haridwar, then Ganga flows eastwards and she is going to flow till the next Sangamam. Lets listen more on this.

    "Gangai Gangai yenna vasagathale namudaiya Kadu vinaigal, anathi kalathu papathai thulaithu kollalam". Watching Ganga, taking bath in Ganga, drinking Ganga water, Uttering the word Ganga would result in getting rid of our PAPAMs. Thiruvikraman's SRI PADA THEERTHAM- the water using which his feets were washed and hence Ganga's significance is high. 

    Ramanujar @ PANDU KESHWAR on the way to Badri

    When Ramanujar was alive, he had gone all along the banks of Ganga all the way till Badrikashramam. There is a place called PanduKeshwar on the way situated on the of river Ganga. ( Note that it is in the river and not on the middle of the river.  Whenever there is flood in the river Ganga, this temple will be submerged. The temple will be seen only when the water level is 
    less.  There is a significance for this PANDU KESHWARAM.  On the day of Diwali, the Badrikashramam temple will be closed and the temple will be again opened only during the month of Chittirai-Vaikasi during AKSHAYATHRITHIYAI. The perumal at Badri will come down and he will not stay in those snow. The perumal will be brought in a palanquin(Pallaku) from 
    badrikashramam and Perumal is staying near PANDU KESHWAR temple. After 6 months Perumal goes back again to Badri. Such a great place. Pandavas had come here to this place. Pandu (father of the Pandavas) himself have come to this place.  So when Ramanujar had come here, he wanted to stay in this place and he had stayed here too. Very wonderful path leads to this temple. This is the old route to go to Badrikashramam. Later the roads have been laid and one need to cross many bridges to reach badri in the new route. There might be land slides at times. When we went and visited this Pandu Keshwarar and we also had the darshan of Ramanujar. But that temple was in need to renovation(Thirupani) and we did all those thirupani. But recently, when there had been flood 10 days ago this entire temple does not exist. Now we need to do the renovation again. There is no need to worry. All the murthi's submerged in Ganga are very happy. All we need to be bothered is the disaster's impact to people. Nature will take care of itself, Perumal will take care of himself, Mahan's /Yogi's will also take care of themselves. We only need to take care of common man. 
    PANDU KESHWARAM - on the banks of river Ganga between two temples one can see PANDUKESHWARAM like a thottil. Ramanujar who had so much interest and liking towards Mahabharatham, had come and stayed here. From this place he had travelled to Badrikashramam. As a proof for that, this place is called as SESHA DHARA. The river which is flowing is like SESHA DHARAI and the forest adjoining to it is called as SESHA VANAM and all the mountains close by are called as SESHA PARVAM. SESHAN means ADI SESHAN. Bhagavad Ramanujar is Adi Shesha's avatharam. There was a big surprise for us when we had come here. Small temple with Ramanujar's vigraham. First is Seshasayi perumal. This perumal was in the river and happen to appear in a mahan's dream and asked that mahan to install the idol(PRATHISTAI) at this place. Beautiful SAYANA THIRUKOLAM. Adi Shesha paryangam, with Lakshmi at his THiruvadi - SESHA SAYI EMPERUMAN. Very old sirpam and we can understand that as soon as we have the darshan. Just opposite to this is Bhagavad Ramanujar in a Sesha Peetam, with Upadesa muthirai, with ollai chuvadi on the left hand is Ramanujar's great thirukolam.  

    Ramanujar has a name "MARAN ADI PANINTHAVAR". So next to Ramanujar is Azhwar Thirunagari born, Kari mar Sadagopan - NAMMAZHWAR. 

    NAMMAZHWAR thirunamam is "KRISHNA KRISHNATH THATHUVAM" - Kannanin Kadale oruveduthavar. 
    Next to them is Sakshi Gopalan i.e Krishna in the form - THAVAZHINTHA KOLAM.  Like this Kannan, Kannan thiruvadi pattrina Nammazhwar, Nammazhwar thiruvadi pattrina Ramanujar all of them can be seen here for our darshaan.  Wherever Kannan is Cows will be there. There is also a GO SHALA which is maintained here. 
    Pasuram "Kattu Karavai kanangal pala konarnthu...." is andal's pasuram and also "yetra Kalangal Yethir kondu mel thelipa, Matrathe pal soriyum vallal perum pasukkal, " 
    All these GO SHALA, temple is very much near ganga. Near this there is a "RAMANUJA KOT" which has been ruined currently. People here say that it was built many years ago. There is an archaga swami who is staying here to do aradhanam for Ramanujar whom we had the darshan. Also there is another yogi always sitting here in Dhyanam. On this side is mountain, river and Ramanujar side by - What else is needed in this world beyond this ? is the attitude of many Sadhu's who live here. Like this, we happen to visit Pandu Keshawaram.  I request you all to have darshan of this place either on the way to Badri or while returning. 
    Now we have had the darshan of PanduKeshwar.  So Ganga after Rishikesh, Haridwar runs across Uttar pradesh and she crosses Kanpur i.e Bittor, Lucknow and flows to Allahabad. 

    Allahadbad is the Sangama of Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswathi. After Allahabad, in the District of Balia is where Ganga and Sarayu Sangamam happens and we have seen this too. After crossing Balia, she runs through Chapra and then here is the place of Ganga and Shrona Sangamam. This is the place we are currently at. After this is Patna and then Ganga from Patna travels to Sonepur. At Sonepur Ganga and Kandagi river sangamam happens. We are yet to go tto Sonepur.  How many Sangamam and mixture  and Prayag ? After all these, Ganga flows further beyond patna. Whichever river is joining Ganga after the sangamam the resulting river which is flowing towards eastern direction is called as Ganga only.  Many rivers join Ganga like Nandagini, pindari, Mangagini later another river called KOSI(KOSI runs from Nepal like Kandagi), then with brahmaputra, Meghna river.  IN Bangaladesh, Ganga is called as Padma. With so many names is Ganga.  Brahmaputra which is flowing across manyh countries, then Meghna, Padma all these rivers join together to form a delta called GANGES DELTA - the world's biggest delta. NILE river's delta, Missisipi river's delta, similarly river Gange's delta.  Very broad place and with lots of clay/mud Ganga goes and joins in the sea. 

    Today we have seen many Prayag's of Ganga.  Many could not travel or make it trips. Some of us are able to go and visit these places.  But Periazhwar has sung a song for all of us. 

    Pasuram _"Pongoli gangai..." - Periazhwar Thirumozhi 4-7-11)

    Azhwar says "Naan Padina intha periazhwar thirumozhiyil, nalam(4) patthu(10), yezhavathu(7) patthu(10) padalgal starting from "Thangaiyai mookum....." this pasuram, whoever unable to go and visit Ganga or take holy bath, right from their house if they say these 10 Pasuram's, one can feel the presence(Sala salapu) of Ganga in one's house itself. 

    Today in our houses, just seeing this we all had felt it. Saying these 10 pasuram is equivalent to having holy bath in Ganga. Saying these slogam gives the bhagwayam of holy ganga Thirumal thiruvadi neeril, kulitha bhagwayam.  Periazhwar himself is saying this about Ganga and the 10 pasuram's in the 11th pasuram. 
    Key Takeaway
    1. Saying Pasuram from Periazhwar Thirumozhi 4.7.1 to 4.7.11 is equivalent to having holy bath in Ganga

    As per his wish we all had that bhagyam today.  Due to blessings of Vishwamithrar we have seen about Ganga. One can say about Ganga for many days and we have covered it in short.  We can just talk only about Ganga in all these days too. BUt visiting these places is a great difference experience. Wishing for everyone to gain that Bhagyam of visiting to these places. 

    Let us all follow raman's foot steps. Ramanin Padhayil thodarunthu 

    ஸர்வம் ஸ்ரீ கிருஷ்ணார்ப்பணம் 

    Sri Ramanin Padhayil - Episode 12 - July 7th 2013


    Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare 

    Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare

    Sri Ramanin Padai - Adipadai kaaranam

    Hari SriRamanaanga kannaaga avatharam seigirar. Vaikuntathil iruppavar parkadalil sayanikirar. He is in a place which we humans cannot reach easily, hence he comes down to the place where we are due to his karunai. Ganga from the heavens came down for the sake of humans. Perumal also came close to us and he comes to the place where we are. Vaikuntathu perumal, Ayodhyayil Ramanaga avatharithathu mattum allamal, oru oru maanilam(state) maaga sellugirar. Aangaangu iruppavargalukku arul puriya vendum, avargalal vara mudiya villai yendralum perumal thane sellugirar.

    Amalanadhipiran - 10 padal by Thondaradipodi Azhwar on Srirangam perumal.

    Last pasuram with meaning "Amudhana perumalai kanden, ini  kannu mattronrai kaanathu, kaathugal mattronrai ketkaathu, nenju matronril 
    idupadathu.." Azhwarukku iraivanidathil yen ivallavu idupadu ? 

    First pasuram talks about the reason for this.. Perumalin thirukamal paatham yennai thedi vanthathu, moodi kondu iruntha yen kannai thiranthu, "Azhware umathu kannai yen patham vaikka kodupira " yendru perumal ketka. Namaga poga muyarchi thevai. Perumal avanaga varuvathu yendral, vazhi viduvom allava ? Avvalavu Karunai yodu perumal varugirar namakaga. 

    Ayodhiyai vitta purappattu varugirar Raman. Athe pola Kannan from Mathura, travels to gokulam, nanda gramam, dwaraka,indraprastha,kurushetram. If perumal is just in one place, very few will reap the benefits, so perumal he himself attempts to travel and meet people. This is the basis of Ramanin Padai. Instead of we trying to go and meet him, Perumal comes and meets people.

    Thirumangaiazhwar in periya thirumozhi - 3-5-1 says " unnathu adiyavanin manathil vanthu pugunthai".

    Raman Vishwamithraroda purapadugirar, makkalai, kaattuvasigalai, kaadugalai, rajakalai santhika. Perumal varugirar nam nammai avaridam samarpipom. He is doing his duty on coming to the place where we are, it is our duty to completely surrender on to him when he comes and meets us.

    Continuing our journey in Ramanin Pathai....

    Vishwamithra brought Ram and Lakshman from Ayodhya..

    First day they stayed on the banks of Sarayu river, 

    Second day at Kamashram, 
    Third day at thadaka vanam,
    4 to 9 day at Siddhashram/Vamanashram helping Vishwamithrar in the yagam, 
    Next day morning after AvaVirathaSnanam and 10th night they stayed there at Siddhashram only,
    11th night stayed on the banks of River Son, 
    12th day crossed the river Son and reached the south end of Ganga and stayed on the banks of Gangai. 12th day night important stories were told to Ram/Lakshman by Vishwamithrar - Gangai's story, Vishvamithrar's own story and Kaumara(Murugan) Utpatthi story. The kids listen to all stories eagerly, even during yatra travellers like to here these stories. 
    13th day morning they crossed the river Ganga from south to north. 
    Next we are going to go through Patna and then reach Hajipur - Vishala Nagar. Note Ram crossed Ganga from east of Patna to reach Hajipur/Vishala Nagar.

    ‘Nadantha Kaalgal Nonthatho 

    Nadungu Nyaala Menamaaya Kidantha Mei Kulungavo 
    Vilangu Maal Varaichuram
    Kadantha Kaal Parappik Cauverik Karaik Kudanthaiyul
    Kidantha Vaare Ezhunthirunthu Pesu Vazhi Kesavane’
    Thirumazhisaivazhwar in the above pasuram asks "Yevalavu thooram nadapai rama ?" Not just in ramaavatharam, Thiruvikraman avatharathuleyum nadakiran ulagathai alaka, yellai nadanthathu. As Ram in human form he walks from north to east, north to south.  "Un thiruvadiyai intha karadu muradana padayil vaika vendumo ?" yendru Azhwargal yellarum thavikkirargal.
    Vishaala nagar Mannanum(raja) thavikkiran. Sumathi yennum Mannan, Raman vanthathu arinthu varugiran.

    Vishala Nagar , Hajipur

    Vishala nagar is a beautiful nagaram. From 10 KM from Patna is Hajipur called Vishala Nagar. Ishvagu mannan kulathil, Vishala mannan piranthan and he created Vishala Nagar. so this name. Note that Ram is  from Ishvagu vamsam too. In Vishala mannan's family tree, after many generation is King Sumathi who was ruling that place when Ram came to Vishala Nagar. King Sumathi was sad that Vishwamithra brought a prince by walk all the way from Ayodhya.
    Why did Ram was taken by walk ? To marry Sita.  Even today all the mapillai should walk to the mandapam. :)

    Ram's beauty as per King Sumathi

    Ramanin azhagai antha raja kondadugiran. Note - Oru valimai mikka mannan Kshatriyan, Ramanin azhagai kondadugiran. Rombha azhagana sargam in 
    Valmiki Ramayanam which explains Ram's beauty as from the words of the kind Sumathi.Ithu ulaga azhagai pola alla. Nam pulangal yellam kattu paduthum azhagu. Namai nalla vazhiyil azhaithu sellum azhagu. Perumal thirumeni nammai vasam pada vaikum azhagu. Thirumeni soundariyam, laavanyam, azhagu. His beauty is to draw his devotee towards him. 13th day night they stayed in the visala nagar.

    ****Valmiki Ramayanam : Bala Kaandam : Sargam 47 : The legend of Seven-maruts, wind-gods

    The legend of Seven-Maruts, the Seven-Wind gods, and the legend of the kings of Vishaala are narrated to Rama and Lakshmana, while Vishvamitra is narrating the legend of Vishaala. At the request of Diti, Indra blesses the seven segments of her foetus to become sapta marut gaNa-s, Seven Wind gods, and the place where the legend of Indra-Diti has happened, that province later became the City of Vishaala.

    Vishala Nagar - Temple Ram Chauda

    In visala nagar, we can see one small hill and on top of it a small temple called Ram Chauda. This has Ram thiruvadi suvadugal. Ram has come here and the king of Vishala was sad that Ram came all along walking.. depicting this we can see Ram's thiruvadi. Vishwamithrar says "Though they are princes they need to acquire strength to enable them to fight in later stages of life. Hence I brought them by walk which also given them an opportunity and exposure to see the forest, rivers, cholai etc. Tonight we shall stay here in your kingdom. " Raman thangi nindra idam is the meaning of "Ram Chauda". We can see two padam. One old patham and one new.  We can assume that one is ram and one is lakshman. Or assume that one is old and one is new. We should not get into argument of discussing on when was this padam installed(prathistai..). Raman ingu irunthan yenbathu than unmai. Idam mukiyathuvam vainthathu. Mannai(land) thoda pogirom. Thalaiyal vanangigurom.  So the place is important. Idathin adayala maga intha paadam irukku. 

    Ram to Janakapuri

    14th day they start from here. 15th day they reach Janakapuri. Ram went directly to Janakapuri. But we are taking diversion to see two more places.
    First place is Ganga and river Gandaki sangamam at a place called Sonepur.
    Second is Sitai avatharitha Sita Marihi. Are we not interested to go to Sita's pirantha vidu ? Though Ram didn't go to Sita marihi lets us all go on  his behalf. We shall visit Sita Marihi and then go to Janakapuri as pen vittar.
    Next to Sonepur where Gangai and Gandaki Sangamam.

    Sonepur - Gangai Gangaki Sangamam - Gajendra Moksham

    Thirumalai - 44 - Penulam pasuram...- Thondaripodi azhwar on  Gajendara moksham.

    We all must have heard this yaanai story from our childhood. Yaanai Gajendran muthalai kitta agapattuntuthu, perumal garuda vaganathil vanthu yaanaiyai kaappatrinar. We are in the place where this story as happened. This is another mahatmiyam for this place.  Though we are in Ramanyanan story, We are in the place Sonpur/Sonepur yendru bihar la sollugirargal. Son Pur means Golden City. We can see all the Gajendra moksham sirpam all over the place. We can see the sangamam - rendu kadal kadakararpola irukku. Let us hear the story from the place where the Gajendra moksham happened. As per Sukachariyar in Bagavatham - Intha kathai kettal - Dur swapanam(bad dreams), bayam varaathu. Importantly all the children should learn the story and more they hear bayame varathu.

    Yar Yaro perumal sevikarthukaga thavam irukum pothu, oru yaanai yevalavu sulabhamaga seivithu vittathu. Appadi yenna antha yaanaiku perumai ? Antha yaanai oru naal, oru thamarai malarai parithu perumal thiruvadiku samarpika vendum, seivithu aananda pada vendum yendru aasai pattu, kulathil kaalai vaithathu. Antha kulathil adarnthu iruntha thamarai idazgal, kizha mudalai irunthathu theiryalai yaanaiku.  Mudhalai yaanai kaalai pattrikondathu. 1000 aandugal yaanaikum muthalaikum sandai. Yaanai nilathuku izhukka, muthalai jalathuku izhukka , vegu natkal yutham nadanthathu. Yaanai ku oru thembhu, thairiyam, nambhalai thanai thane rakshikka mudiyum nu ninaithathu. appa perumal varalai. Pinnar yaanai izhukkappattu jalatil muzhuga aarambhithathu, verum thuthikkai mattum thannir ulle pogamal mitcham.. appa yaanai "Narayana, Sriman narayanane, Jagathai rakshikkum devarire vanthu rakshikka vendum " yendru prarthikka, Srivaikuntathile katthu kondu irunthar pola 

    vishwaksenar, piratti margal yaraiyum parkamal .. neraaga vanthar. 
    Parasara bhattar sollugirar - vishwaksenar Sripathukai samarpikkiraram, athai perumal thallivittutaram, Garudanukku alankaram pannalai, Pirattimargal vanthu aalinganum panna parkirargal, avargalaiyum thalli vittan, yenna nadakarthu yendru yellarum aachaariya padum pothu, perumal garudan mele yeri "neraaga madu karaiku(river bank) po" yendru aanai ittan Garudanai. Pin thiruvaabharanam munne poga, mun thiruvaabharanam pinne poga , arakka parakka vanthan perumal oru yaanaikaga. Yethiri oru chinna muthalai, kappatha povathu sadaarana janthu vana yaanai. Intha yuthathuku simple la mudithu irukalam. Anal perumal intha chinna yuthathukku chakra ayuthathode seerikkondu  kovathodu(anger) vanthan. Oru bhakthan koopidum kuralluku yethanai aavaloda yeppadi varugiran perumal.  Antha ottathukkum, padatathukkum, adarathukkum pallandu pada vendum" Says Bhattar. Parasara bhattar  says "ne odivanthu vegathuku namaha". Yaanaiyoda  kaal pidithu izhukamal, yen yendral yerkanave pal(teeth) pattu ranam agi irukku yaanai ku. athunale jakarthai yaga Muthalai thadai(Cheek) la chakaram vidarugirar. Muthalai vaai thirakka, yaanai kaal vidu pattathu. Vishu sahasranamam - thiru namam SapthaSahaha - Ippadi yarenum oru srivaishnavan kooppida mattaana yendru katthukkondu irukkaan perumal srivaikuntathile. Naam koopida vendum athu mattum than naam seiya vendiyathu.  Sarva Rakshagan. 
    Peruman vanthathu aachariyam illai, atharku mela panninathu than aachariyam. Peruman 1000 aandugal(years) kaalam thazhthi, gajendran kooppita vudaneye than vanthan perumal. Yaanai koopidamale naam poi rakchithu irukalame , namma thappu pannitomo ? athunala thane yaanai ku kaale ranam.. yendru perumal nenaithu than uthiriyam yeduthu soodu koduthu yaanai ku ranam aathinar perumal. intha yaanai petra bhagiyathai vera yaru peruva?  Sridevi, Bhoo devi , Neela devi kooda intha bhakiyathai pera villai. Yanai sollarthu - Perumale naan unnai koopitathu yen  samanya udalai rakshika unnai koopidalai... intha thamarai malar un thiruvadila samarpika than koopiten. Perumal kaigalil irunthu thamarai malar vangi, than thiruvadigalil ittu kondu, itho seivai sathichuten pothuma yendru kettar. pasuram -- yemmam seppum pasuram .. aachariyanama pasuram. Antha gajendra moksham nadanthathu intha madu karaile than.


    Periya thirumozhi - 1-5-1 - kalaiyum kariyum parimavum ...- 
    Thirumangaiazhwar. 10 padal on Salagramam Divyadesam. 

    Salagramam yendru sonnale kangal viriyum. Salagramam - Srimurthi. Dina padi aradhanam seiya koodiya murthi.  Avar siru karuppu karuppu karkalaga iruppar. Avar thane murthi. Lakshmi Narayanan, Santhana Gopalan, Narasimhan, Sudharsana chakram ippadi palathum kelvi pattu irukkom. Ivargal yellam salagrama murthigal. Yelliya muraiyil aaradhanam pannarthukalga perumale intha karkalil yezhunthu aruli ullar. Intha karkal yengu oruvagi odi varugiratho antha idam than Salagramam/Mukthinath yendru peyar, aachariyamana idam. Mukthinath Gandaki Nathi karayil than ullathu. Now we shall see about the Salagrama Kshetram which is among the 108 vaishnava divya desam and about the river Gandaki.

    Sonpur Ganga Gandaki Sangamam

    In our journey, now We have reached Sonpur and in this place  where Gandaki and Ganga Sangamam happens. We have already seen about Ganga and now lets see about Gandaki. Last week we saw many prayag's of Ganga and we didn't discuss about Gandaki/ganga sangamam. lets discuss about that now.

    Gandaki Mahatmiyam

    Gandaki Nepalathula rombha aachariyamana idamaana "nubain-himal Glacier" angu than oruvaagiral. Glacier is pani parai. She runs for about 630 KM. Black color and some places red. River is also known as Kala Gandaki and Nepalathil Narayanee yendru peru, bharathathil Gandaki nu peru. Earlier Nepal and bharath were together and that was where Mithila desam was located.

    Salagrama Aaradhanai

    Kangadi nathiku oru varalaru ullathu. Ithan aatru padukaila than salagramam murthi, salagrama karkal kidaikum. We can't just take the stones from the river since we would freeze.  We can ask the people there and we can buy it by giving some grams of gold and money. Pattu thunila vaithu oru pathirathula arisi(rice) vecchu salagramathai petrukolla vendum. Namakku yar kodukirargalo avarukku gold koduka vendum - 1/4 gram, 1 gram. Salagrama arathanai arathanai muraiyileye yeliyathu. VIgraha perumal vechunda, atharkku niyamanan jasti, kattupaadugal jasti.  Vigraha roopathula iruntha poojai pannum pothu pal, thayir abhishekam seiyum pothu parthu parthu seiyanam. Salagramam thalaila serkum pothu thappu nadanthal kuda perum kutram illai, athukku than perumale thannai yelimai paduthi kondu namakaaga intha roopathule irukkar. Pavum thollaiyanum nu aradhana pannum pothu pavum vara koodathu illa. atharkaga than perumal salagrama roopathule irukkar.  Naan intha karkalil yezhunthu aruli irukkiren yendru koorugirar perumal.  Yaar virupathin padi perumal ippadi salagrama roopamaga irukkar ?

    Gandaki Mahatmiyam

    Gandaki nadhi perumal mela thavam purigiral. Neer yen garbhathula(womb), yen vayatrile kuzhanthaiya(child) pirakka vendum yendru. Perumal yosikirar yeppadi oru nadhiyin vayatril piraka mudiyum, aval penna ? aval garbhathil naan yeppadi piraka mudiyum nu yosichar perumal. 
    Innoru pakam oru Maharishi "Pulagar" at pulakashramam. Avar perumanai kurithu thavam pannugirar. Yenna vendum nu perumal ketkirar atharku 
    avar " pakkathil maram maramaga irukkira saala virukshangalaga irukkanum, himachala malaiyagavum ne irukkanum". Maramagavum irukkanum, malaiyaga irukkanum athavathu  Kalla irukkanam - yendru ketrar rishi. Than garbhathil pirakanum yendru ketal Gandaki, Yellar aasaiyum niraivethi vaika -- Fossils .. Latcha varusham marangal yellam madinthu bhoomiyil puthainthuvidum. Bhoomiyil uyar azhutham(pressure) la irukkum, azhunthi azhunthi antha marame fossil/kallaga marum. Antha karkal than salagrama karkal.  Perumal maramaga irunthu kallaga marina fossil yeduthundutar to fullfill Rishi's wish. Athu yengirunthu urpathiagirathu yendral, Gandakiyin aatru padugai. So Gandakiyin Garbhathula irunthathagavum agiduthu. Ithu than Salagramam mukthinathin mahatmiyam. Antha karkalai vangi kondu vanthu than nam illathil vaithu poojai seigirom. 


    Mukthinath is important of the 108 Divya Kshetram, himachala thodarileye ullathu. Last week at Badrikashramam we saw two mountains Nara, Narayanan. Here in Mukthinath it is again two mountain Dhaula giri, Annapurna. Though they are all part of Himachal we need to get down 
    from Badri and then only go to mukthinath. Probably Thirumangaiazhwar in his horse called "adalma" might have gone directly from badri to mukthinath. Mukthinathan - This is a swayam vaktha kshetram among the 8 swayam vaktha kshetram's of divyadesam's.

    Swayamvaktha Kshetram

    listed as VaanaMaMalai - thotadri nanguneri aasthanam, Srirangam - Ranganathan , Srimushnam - Sri Bhoo Varaga Perumal, Thiruvengadam Thirupathi - Srinivasan, Pushkar la 
    Theertha(water) roopam, Naimisaranyam  la Kadu(trees) roopam, Badrikashramam - Badri Vishala Perumal, Mukthinath - Mukthinathan. 

    Mukthinath Contd..

    Ramane Mukthi alikkum Mukthinathanaga yezhunthu irukkar. Ville(bow) thonaiyaga kattuku sendru,ravannai vatham seitha ramanai salagramathile darisithu konden yenbathu pasuram. 
    Nadula perumal rendu pakkam Sridevi Bhoodevi.Inga perumala naame thottu seivikalam. Mukthinath parthachu, aduthu Gandaki yeppadi vanthu Gangaiyoda Sangamam nu parkalam. 

    Gandaki Mahatmiyam

    Bhagawanudaiya padaipil than yethanai viyapugal, aachariyangal , like world wonders nu solluvathu pola, aachariyamana idangal.  The place we are going to see is such a place which is a marvellous wonder. yethanaiyo idangal panam sellavu seiyamal, puniya kshetramaga  aachariyamaga irukkum.  This place is a puniya kshetram and a great wonder. On one side is Annapurna malai and another side is Dhaula Giri. Itharku Naduvil Gandaki yennum aaru. 

    Gandaki yennum intha aaru yengirunthu varugiral ? Narayanee starts in Himachal, runs south then east.. to join Ganga and then further down join bay of bengal near kolkatta. From Himachal Gandaki senguthaga Kizhnoki Varugiral. Nam avalai seivika Poga pogirom.  Angu sella rendu vazhigal ullathu. 

    Route 1 - Gorakpur, Sonali(border of India/Nepal) cross this broder and then , Pokhara - from here travel by Jeep or aeroplane, Jomsom and then to Salagramam. 
    Route 2 - Kathmandu and from here plan or helicopter to Pokhara and then to Jomsom from Jomsom - travel by koveru kazhutha(3.5 hrs), Jeep(2 hrs) or walk(6 hrs). 

    Chinna pathai and need to walk along the bank of river GandagiOru pakam Dhaula giri on the west, on the east is annapurna which has mark Peak1 which is 8091 M. Annapurna malai thodar migavum bayangaramana malai thodar. 40% fatal area w.r.t mountaineering. 55 KM malai. Antha malai lethan jeep la poganum, Gandaki aatru padukaileye poganum. Intha rendu malai thodar athuku naduvil odum Gandaki. Yethanaiyo aandugal munar intha malai ucchiile than odinal Gandaki. Anal arithu arithu arithu rombha vegamana nadhi Gandaki, malai arithu arithu azhamana idathil malaigalukku naduve odugiral Gandaki. 

    Worlds deepest Gorge 

    Worlds deepest Gorge - Gorge yenbathu rendu uyartha malaigalukku naduvil idaye irukkum azhamana idam. From Annapurna hill which is 8091 M, 

    today's river is at a place deep by 5571 M which is 2520 M from sea level. Aachariyam yennana Kadal mattathulerunthu 2520 M above sea level , ana ulagathuleye aazhamana paguthi. Ithula Dhaula Giri is Ice cap mountain - Pani sigaram. Kala Gandaki in the place called mustang in Himachalam there is a place called Damodara kundam and from there Gandaki flows.


    Salagramam - Sala means kondattum , gramam means kootam, So Kondattangalin Kootam is Salagramam. Yellarum serunthu kondaduvathu Salagramathai. 

    Gandaki nadiyin karaiyil, Sridevi Bhoo deviyoda perumal naduve Padmasanathil Mukthinathanaga irukikar. 

    Namum Salagramam sendru Salagrama yezhunthu arulap pani nam illathil vaithukkondu perumalai dina padi poojika vendum. Ippadi vegamaga varum Gandaki Sonpuril Gangaiyoda Sangamikkiral. 


    Perumalin SriPaatha Theertham Gangai, Perumale garbathil iruntha Gandaki , Gajendra moksham nadantha idam  yellam intha sangamam - Sonpur.

    Inge than achariyamana kovil, Garudan irukirar avargalai sevithu kondu, Sonpurilirunthu vidai petrukondu nere namathu thaiyana Seethai irukkum SitaMarihi ku veera nadai poduvom. 

    ஸர்வம் ஸ்ரீ கிருஷ்ணார்ப்பணம் 

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