Sri Velukudi Krishnan

Sri Velukudi Krishnan is a prolific speaker on Vaishnavism. Son of Sri. U.Ve. Velukudi Varadhachariar Swamy, a well known figure in Vaishanava community, Sri. Krishnan used to accompany his father in religious discourses from a young age. After the passing of his father, Sri. Krishnan who is  a qualified cost and chartered accountant followed in the footsteps of his father. His mastery over Sanskrit and his extensive knowledge of Hindu scriptures, especially in Vaishnavism make his discourses irresistible.
Sri Krishnan has travelled all over the world to deliver discourses and his discourses are published in more than 200 CDs. His discourses can be found scattered in different sites, forums and blogs. And this is my humble effort o collect and present them in one area for all to benefit.