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Sri Ramanin Padhayil - Episode 31 - Dec 8 2013

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Sri Ramanin Padhayil - Episode 31 - Dec 8 2013


Ramayana dhyana sloka said during the parayanam of Ramayanam which explains -"
Sri Rama as Paramapurusha and Sri Ramayana as Veda".
वेद वेद्ये परे पुंसि जाते दशरथात्मजे ।
वेदःप्रचेतसादासीद् साक्षाद् रामायणात्मना ॥
veda vedye pare pumsi jate dasharathatmaje |
vedah prachetasadasid sakshad ramayanatmana ||
Meaning : “When the omni potent omniscient and the Omnipresent Almighty who can be known only through Veda, took birth as a son of Dasharatha, the most precious Veda has been rendered as Ramayana by the sage Prachetasa.(Valmiki).”

Key Takeaway 
1. Sriram is Paramapurusha and SriRamayana is veda

Vedangalale pughazhapadum Sriman Narayanan ramanaga avatharam seitha pothu, vedangal Ramayana maga piranthana. Vedangalukku yevalavu pazhamai undoo, thonmai undoo,perumai undoo athai polathan SriRamayanathukkum. Nam Vazhkai yeduthu uraikum nool, dharmam sollum nool.  ie. SriRamayanam is as ancient and famous like our vedas and it tells us the righteous path to live. Dharmam for us is speaking truth, don't steal, good ethics, don't wish for other's items, helping mindset.  But Ram is not an ordinary person. Ram is our lord, born as a human. Ram is our role model and he shows us the path to live. So Ram not only follows the dharma which we follow but also goes beyond that. As part of SriRamanin Padhayil, we are about to travel to the  place where Ram exhibited this to all of us. 

After visiting Nammazhwar's avathara sthalam of Azhwar Thirunagari we started from there. We went towards Rameshwaram. Rameshwaram, Danushkoti, Thirupullani Divya Desam. Kadarkarai from where Ram built the bridge. Above all these things, this place is significant because of Vibhishana Saranagati. Crux/Saram of Ramayanam is Vibhishana Saranagathi. 

Greatness of this place due to Vibhishana Saranagati

So the question is.. what about all the sargam and kandam all this while ? are they not important ? Finally is the sargam of vibhishana saranagati which is in the beginning of Yuddha Kandam is that important ? Yes. All these are just introductory section ( munnurai) and we are reaching the main story just now. The key part(karu) of the story is nothing but Vibhishana Saranagati. Raman Saranagathargalai yerkiran, avargalidathil karunaiyai pozhigiran. Yethana kutram purinthavaraga irunthalum, iraivan nammai yetru kolgiran. Ithu than Ramayanam's saaram. If one filters and searches the 24000 slokas of Ramayanam, we shall get Vibhishana saranagati which is the core part of the story of Rama.  Like getting just 1/4 litre of therattipal from 10 litres of milk, 6 kandam, 500+ sargam, 24000 Slokas, anaithaiyum salithal kidaipathu Vibhishana Saranagati.So what do we understand ? We need to understand that each of us need to do Saranagati.  

Key Takeaway 
2. We all jeevatma's need to do Saranagati at HIS feet
3. Ram protects all the Saranagatha's(Jeevatma's who do Saranagathi) irrespective of defects and mistakes.

Pasuram : 

"silaiyinAl ilangkai thIyezhach setRa" - 9.1.10 - Periya Thirumozhi where Thirumangai azhwar says Silaiyinal ilankai settha devane devan avan. 

"kallAdhavar ilangkai kattazhiththa  kAguththan" - 53 - nAnmugan thiruvandhAdhi as told by Thirumazhisai Azhwar.

Vibhishanan accepted Ram as the supreme lord and he did Saranagati to GOD and hence he got all the good things in his life. Without looking at the fault/ kutram / dhosham perumal accepts each of us. This great gunam/panbhu was exhibited at this place by Ram.  So next two weeks we are going to see thirupullani, Danushkoti and Rameshwaram and east coast is Ram's sethu.  Lots of places to visit. First lets go to Rameshwaram. We stayed at Ramanathapuram and we also wanted to visit temples on the way.  From Ramanathapuram from the place where we stayed, we went for Sethu Snanam.  All these 21 days of our yatra we had taken bath on all those holy rivers and waters except for few days. Today it is a very great snanam - Sethu Snanam, Ram's bridge which will help us to get rid of our sins and the place is called asSethukarai.

Parikrama of Thirupullani & Sethu Karai

Lets do the parikrama before entering the town.This Kshetram is a punya bhoomi. 
1. First is Thirupullani Perumal Sannidhi. This is where Darbha Sayana Perumal. Perumal for three days did saranagati to samudhrarajan/kadarkarai arasan at this place.  This perumal is on (Sayanam) darbham. 

2. Sethu - From where the bridge was built. Having a bath at this place, especially on Thai Amavasai. Will  be crowses on amavasai. 

3. Dhanush Koti - Ram's Dhanush, Saarangam, Kothandam. Koti yendral munai, antha munaiyal raman vetti vittu odaithu vitta idam. All the temples which were here  were runied during the cyclone in 1964.

4. KothandaRamar Sannidhi - There are some interesting things which had happened at this temple and we shall see that in detail later.

5. Gandha Madhana parvam - Where there is Ramar padham. It was from this place Ram saw the complete view and how to direct the monkey clan and how to reach lanka. 

6. Ramar Kovil - Built by a king of Nepal some 2000 years ago. Wonderful temple. 

7. Rama Theertham -  Raman shot an arrow and this water came out

8. Lakshmana Theertham - Lakshman shot an arrow and this water came out

9. Sita Theertham

10. Villundi - well which is inside the salty sea with good water

Now let us go and see each of these places in detail and understand the stories which happened their and the details on how did vibhishana saranagati happened.

Ram @ Sethu Karai 

In Valmiki Ramayana, Bhagavan Rama says (6-18-33):
"Sakrudeva prapannaya tavasmeeticha yachatay 
abhaym sarva bhootheybio dadaam yetad vratam mama"
This means, '"If any one surrenders his self to me and seeks protection, I protect him from all dangers and creatures. This is my vow"
Meaning of Rama Charama Slokam as follows :
  • Sakrudeva– Sadakkena oru thadavai
  • Prapannaya – Raman idathe saranagathi seithavanai kurithu
  • tavasmeeti cha yachate – “adiyen unnodaiya udami, adiyen devaririn sotthu, adiyavanai rakshikka vendiyathum devarir poruppo” yennum yennathodu yaar prarthikirano
  • Abhayam sarvabhutebhyo dadam apadipatta saranagathanukku yella jeeva rasigalil irunthum kappatrugiren, yaaralum thunbham varatha padikku naan rakshithu kodukiren. Deham padaitha yaaraga irunthalum thunbham varamal rakshikiren.
  • yetad vratam mama – Ithu yennudaiya unmaiyana vratham. Intha yedutha seyalil irunthu oru nalum mara matten.

Ram follows and completes the vratham he has taken. Ram always completes any act he has started on or decided to do.  But this gunam is dangerous if it is with the evil people. Because they will be focussed in completing the evil act they have started. Ram is a good person and a person like Ram if he is focussed in completing the tasks he has taken then it is victory for the world. Vibhishanan came to do Saranagati.  Ram decided that he will accept his Saranagati for sure. Sugreevan and Jambhavan were against this decision of Ram and gave all reasons why Ram should not do that. But Ram was focussed and he did the same.  What we need to understand is that we have done many such mistakes(kutram) in our lives, Vibhishanan is the brother of Ravanan who took away piratti from Ram and also Vibhishanan is by birth a arakkan, inspite of all these Ram accepted Vibhishana Saranagati. This great act had happened very much at this place - Sethu karai. This is a wonderful place. 

One can see the fishermen busy in the sea, lots of boats, lakhs of people meet here to have the sethu snanam.   This is one of the char dham - 4 Karai - 4 boundary.

Char Dham

Char Dham - Badri in the north, Puri jagannatha in the east, Rameshwaram-Thirupullani in the south, Dwaraka in the west.  These are the 4 corners of india. 
Periazhwar says in Periazhwar Thirumozhi 4.7.9 "vadadisai madurai sAlagrAmam vaikundam tuvarai ayodhdhi " 

Route taken by Ram

That great punya sthalam is here.  First let us look at why we are here. 
Ram came via the western ghats and reached till Mahendra giri. Near that there is a place called Kolachal where there was a harbour even sometime back. That place is not a suitable location to build a bridge and not deep enough as per Ram. So they started to walk towards kanyakumari and then at Kanyakumari they turned east on the coast to reach a  place called Vela Vanam. They crossed vela vanam and on the other side is Ramanathapuram, Rameshwaram and reached this place. Let us hear more on this from the upanyasam which happened at sethu karai.  

Kothandaramar Temple

When they reached this place, they were waiting to see how to proceed further. Antha kathundu iruntha thirukolathileye Kothanda Ramar sannidhi. We are having the darshan of this temple from outside. Whenever you happen to come here, ask for kothanda ramar sannidhi, Which is little far from the core places and need to visit all these places.  Now let's get back to the sethu karai.

Sethu Karai

This sea is important for two reasons. 1- Vibhishana Saranagati 2. Place from where Ram built the bridge. So known as Ramar Palam, Ramar Sethu and very famous.

Rules to take bath in the sea

The sea is salty. When should we have bath in the sea ? There is a rule for the same. 
They say "Aparvani kadal theendakudathu". One should have a bath in the sea only during the parva kalam. Parva kalam means pournami, amavasai days. That is why masi magam, pournami there is theertha vari in all the temples. Perumal will come to the sea during that pournami. Here on Amavasya especially thai is very crowded.  
So only on those parva kalam we should take bath in the sea. There are some exception to this too. At sethu, Puri one can have a bath any time of the year since it is punya theertham. 
We also spoke to the local people to find more information from their experience lets hear from them and then we can also hear the vibhishana saranagati parayanam. Then we had the upanyasam at the near by anjaneyar temple and let us listen to all these. 

Parayanam at Sethu Karai

Check the video

On this side of the Pambhan palam is thirupullani darbhasayana perumal kovil. When we cross the pambhan palam and go on the other side one can see the kothandaramar sannidhi, Dhanush kodi, Gandha Madhana parvam are all their.

Kothandaramar Sannidhi 

Let us hear from the person at Kothandaramar sannidhi on the Maahaatmiyam of that place. 
Jai Sriram. This is the place where Ram did the pattabhishekam for Vibhishanar as king of lanka. At lanka, Vibhishana tries to explain Ravana and why he should send sita back since Ram is not a normal human and he is Paramatma's avatharam and explains all the vishesham. But Ravanan doesn't listens to him and also tries to insult Vibhishana. Then Vibhishana with his 4 ministers travels through akasa margam from lanka to sethu. Here at Sethu, Ram is trying to discuss and find options to build bridge to lanka. When vibhishana arrived everyone doubted vibhishana and didn't want to accept vibhishana. Anjaneyar interrupts and tells that vibhishana is a Dharma athma and he is a vishnu Bhakthar. He also cited that when he was in Lanka he had seen the various aspects which explain that vibhishanan is a dharma athma. Then Ram says that "not only Vibhishanan, ravanan whoever does saranagati(saranam yendru vanthal) with pure/complete mind(athmaartham)  I am responsible to protect him. ( avanai rakshika vendiyathu yen kadamai). Hence I am accepting vibhishana as my brother. Not just protect vibhishana but also accept him as my brother".  Even when Ravana was alive, Ram did the pattabhishekam for Vibhishana as the king of Lanka.  It is confirmed that Ravanan is going to get defeated and after that lanka needs a king and hence he did so soon after vibhishanan came and seeked refuge at Ram's feet.  The important thathparyam to be noted here is that Ram's goal was not to capture lanka instead was to rescue Sita who was abducted by Ravana.  His responsibility was Ravana samharam to rescue Sita and not capturing Lanka. Hence he did the pattabhishekam for Vibhishanam. Every year on Aani masam sukla pasham dasami thidhi vibhis hana pattabhishekam utsavam is conducted in this temple. Perumal inge yezhunthu aruli, Vibshanar also comes here and Ram does the lanka pattabhishekam. Many bhaktas come here to have the darshan of the same. The ancient temple got runied in 1964 when the danushkodi cyclone happened and later by the contribution by a north indian this new temple as been built. This is a ubhaya kovil of arul migu ramanathaswamy. The two pillars which you see are ancient. We once tried to dig and see this pillar and it was going deeper and deeper. Then we didn't want to disturb further and left it as is. This is believed to have been vasal in those days. After the cyclone this temple has been rebuilt. One can also see the ancient madappalli. Those days train was the only option and people used to come by walk all along the shore including Ram. Earlier there had been annadhanam done in this madappali for all those Dhanushkoti padha yatrikas.  The pillar and the kitchen(madappali) are the only two ancient evidence  which one can see here at this point of time.  Punarudhanam has been done for rest of the temples. Kothandaramar, lakshmanar, sita devi, anjaneyar, vibhishanar are here and is same as what you see in the gopuram same perumal is there inside the garbhagraham too in the same order. Vibhishanar being here is more vishesham. 


The bridge built by Ram is called as Ramar Sethu. Sethu means bridge/paalam. Bhaghawan himself is a paalam/bridge.  We are on one side of the Paalam which is samsaram in this bhoomi and bhagawan is on the other side at Vaikuntam. We need to cross and for us to cross only Ram himself is the means. Vedavyasar explains in Brahmasutram that Brahmam Bhagawan himself is the bridge to reach Bhagawan A bridge does two things. first it stops the water from this side and other side from mixing. Next it takes one from this side to the other side. Bhagawan does these two. From this nithya samsara mandalam he leads us the path and guides us and makes us reach the nithya vaikuntam. He protects so that samsaram and vaikuntam does not get mixed up. So when we say paalam we need to remember these things and need to pray him. 

Key Takeaway
4. Bhagawan himself is a bridge for us to take us from this side - samsaram to the other side - Vaikuntam.  Reach HIM through HIM. 
5. Sethu snanam - Sankalpam, tharpanam. After bath in a punya kshetram do not go back and have a bath at home on the same day. Think of our ancestors, rishi's and Vibhishana Saranagathi while taking bath at sethu. 

In puranam and in Upanishad they try to explain things using things which we understand. Like bridge, sun, fire are used to explain deep meanings.  One more thing, we need to understand is that Sethu Snanam is important. Ram had made this place a punya place. Ram crossed this place when he went to Lanka. But when Ram travelled back from Lanka he took the sky route and didn't come here since he went in the pushpaka vimanam. This is what valmiki ramayanam and kambha ramayanam tells. 
But Ram when he travelled in the pushpakavimanam he has blessed this place - melirunthu kizhe kadakshithu irukkirar. Ram also asks seetha to give her blessings (kadaksham) to this place. At that time Ram says that "Sethu is a punya bhoomi and if one comes here to have a bath and do tharpanam, they reap good benefits(nargathi). This place will be treated as a punya bhoomi from now on. This will not be a place which will be used for transportation where people can travel."  Ram has decided so that day itself. Wonderful place. There are certain rules to be followed when we go for a bath at sethu.  There are people who does sankalpam and then do snanam. After bathing people do tharpanam. But at no cause, one should not go back to room/house and have a bath. After a bath in a punya sthalam or punya river one should not go home and have a bath the same day. We need to think of our pithru when we take bath at sethu, need to think of Ram, Valmiki, vibhishana saranagati too. Wonderful place and let us hear on the upanyasam. 

Upanyasam at Sethu

Samudhararajan says "you have nalan with you. Nalan's father is vishwakarma. Because of the blessings/anugraham of Vishwakarma, if Nalan touches a rock/parankal and drops it into the ocean it would float and i will hold the same. Use the same rocks to make a bridge to cross from this side to the other side." Nalan touched the rocks one by one and gave it to the monkeys who built the bridge. 
Thirumangai azhwar in his pasuram says "Mallai muneer atharpada vari vanchalagal valavittu... kodiyon ilangai pugal utru" ( TBD)
Muneer because it consists of 3 waters - aatru neer, utru neer, vetru neer(rain water). 
Azhwar says "muneer gnalam padathai yen mugilvannan..." ( TBD)
The sea which consists of all the three sources of water "kalanginathu" because the monkey's started to put the stones into the sea.Kadale Kalangittru. 
What did Raman do for all this to happen ? Azhwar says "Raman than ida kaiyil piditha saranga mennum villai valaithan ithu athanaiyum nadanthathu."  Ram once said "before evening if the rakshasas who abducted sita is not getting her back, I will turn the entire world upside down." This sethu was built just because they were frightened of the effects of the bow of Ram. 
Thondaradipodi azhwar Pasuram :: "oru villal..." ( TBD)
Kulasekararazhwar says : "pura kadalai ..." ( TBD)
Sabhala sittham ulla kurangugal.. Monkeys who cannot be controlled easily. If our minds are not easy to control then imagine the monkeys. So with such monkeys building a bridge to cross this sea is not a task which a human can do it easily. So perumal's parathvathuvam is exhibited here


SriRamanin padhayil, Ramane darbhai parappi samudhrarajanidam 3 natkal(days) Saranagati seitha puniyamana bhoomi Thirupullani. Azhwargal mangalasasanam pannina idam. Thirumangaiazhwar has sung 20 songs. Adi Jagannatha perumal sthalathukku emperuman. Apart from him in Sayana thirukolam Thirupullani emperuman darbha sayana peruman darisanam kodukirar. Why this town called as pullani ? Pul means darbham( a type of holy grass), anai means sayanam/sleeping posture.  Pulanai yenbhathu maruvi kalappokil pullani yendru vazhaingugirathu. Thiru is added for respect and for mangalam. So thirupullani.  This place is 3 KM from the sea shore. Big pushkarani in front of the temple and one need to be careful when getting into water since it might be slippery. We also had the incident of someone falling and we managed to rescue them as if thirupullani perumal himself came to rescue the person.  We went inside the wonderful temple which belongs to the samasthanam and follows Vaikhanasa agama for the puja's. This temple should have existed even before Ram's time. When we look into the sthalapuranam of this temple, dasarathan had prayed to the Adi Jagannatha perumal of this place when he did the puthra kameshti Yagam and then got the payasam and later the 4 boys were born. So this perumal was worshipped by Dasarathan himself. Hence instead of saying Jagannathan this perumal is called as Adi Jagannathan. Very ancient perumal. Huge temple. 

First let's have the darshan of Thayar - Padmasini Thayar.

we say the daily prayer - "Padhma priyE Padmini Padma hasthE  PadmAlayE Padma daLAyadhAkshi "

(Additional Info :: 

Padhma priyE Padmini Padma hasthE
 PadmAlayE Padma daLAyadhAkshi 
 visva priyE VishNu manOnukulE
 tvath paada padmam mayi sannidhathsva 
 Above is Kaliyan"s SaraNAgathi to MahA Lakshmi, Thirumangai AzhwAr visualized the consort of the Lord at ThiruveLLakkuLam on the Lord's chest and saluted Her in the spirit of Sri Sooktha r*k and performed saraNAgathi to the Lord through Her. 
Meaning : Oh MahA Lakshmi , who is very fond of the lotus flower! Oh supreme One holding that lotus flower in Your hands ! Oh Mother seated on a golden lotus ! Oh the most beautiful One with the eyes resembling that of the enchanting petals of a tender lotus ! Oh parama KaaruNya mUrthy filled with dayA for one and all ! Oh auspicious Lady , who is tuned closely to the wishes of Your Lord ! Please place Your auspicious lotus feet on my siras ! 
After performing SaraNAgathi to Her , Thirumangai received Her anugraham and then approached the Lord of this divya dEsam and addressed Him movingly as "ANNA " and begged Him to remove all the obstacles that obstructed him unitl then to seek and gain the parama purushArtham of Moksham )

Hirannya-Varnnaam Harinniim Suvarnna-Rajata-Srajaam |

Candraam Hirannmayiim Lakssmiim Jaatavedo Ma Aavaha ||1||
let us remove all our amangalam i.e alakshmi and give us mangalam and the lakshmi Kataksham. 

(Additional Info :: 

This is from Srisuktam with the following meaning...
(Harih Om. O Jatavedo, Invoke for me that Lakshmi) Who is of Golden Colour, Beautiful and Adorned with Gold and Silver Garlands.  (Gold represents Sun or the Fire of Tapas; Silver represents Moon or the Bliss and Beauty of Pure Sattva.) Who is like the Moon with a Golden Aura, Who is Lakshmi, the Embodiment of Sri; O Jatavedo, please Invoke for Me that Lakshmi.
(Moon represents the Bliss and Beauty of Pure Sattva and the Golden Aura represents the Fire of Tapas.) 

The presence of this Thayar is significant because when Ram came here Sita was not there with Ram. To fullfill that kurai this Thayar is here. After having darshan of Thayar we did the pradakshinam. 

Lots of huge tall trees too. People have prayed and have given many nagar as part of the prarthanai.  We had the darshan of the same too. 

Next is the sannidhi of Dharbha Sayana perumal.  Garbhagrahathil, Neenda sayanamaga, darbhathai parappi, thannudaiya kaiyaye thalaiku anaiyaga koduthu ondu kadal arasanidathe saranagati seithan Raman. Even after 3 days Samudhrarajan didn't turn up. Raman though naam adiyen adiyen yendru paninthu ponal yaarum thirumbha parka marukkirargal. Ambhu yeduthu Villai yeduthal than oor adangum yendru Lakshmananidathil kovamaga pesinar. 

Yuddha Kandam , Sargam 21 , slogam: 22
चापम् आनय सौमित्रे शरामः च आशी विष उपमान् |
समुद्रम् शोषयिष्यामि पद्भ्याम् यान्तु प्लवङ्गमाः || ६-२१-२२
"The Ocean is not appearing himself before me on kind words. O, Lakshmana! Bring the bow and the serpentine arrows. I shall dry up this ocean, so that our monkeys can cross it by feet."
Then the Samudhrarajan got scared and he came out and said "being an ocean is my nature and you are the creator of this. How can a ocean pave way ?". saying those words the ocean god took refuge at Ram's feet.  Even today near the Garbhagragam, near ardha mandapam, we can see Vibhishanan on one side and Samudhrarajan and his wife on the other side.

We have had the darshan of Adi Jagannatha perumal, Thayar, Darbha Sayana Perumal. Now let us hear from the nithya kainkarya archaka swamy on the kshetra mahatmiyam and the charithram which happened here. Let us hear.

Also Refer :: http://www.ibiblio.org/sadagopan/ahobilavalli/tpullani_p1.pdf

Pullaranya kshetram yendru azhakakoodiya Thirupullani divyaDesam is the 44th Divya Desam of the PandyaNadu. Thirumangaiazhwar has done mangalasasanam and is a visheshmana divya desam. Moorthy sthalam theertham - Sethu is the theertham. Sethu Nadu yendru sollakudiya sethu samasthanathin keezh intha Thirupullani alayam nirvagika pattu varugirathu. Moolavar Adi Jagannatha perumal, pullavar, kanvar, kalavar yennum rishigalukku prathyaksham agi, avargalukkukaga muthalil asvath roppiyaga sevai sathithathaga sthala puranam. Athanpin antha asvath swarna mayamaga irunthathu. Athan pin asvath roopiyaga iruntha perumal, rishigalin vendukolukku inanga, Sridevi bhoodevi Sametharaga amaruntha kolathil, sevai sathiththu arulugirar. Intha pullaranya kshetram visheshamaga yella rishigalalum solla pattu irukirathu. Pullarisi poojai seithathal pullaranya ksehtram yendru. Pul Aaranyam - thirupullani sethu  pooraga pul/darbhai irunthathunala pullaranyam yendra sollappadugira divya desathil emperumal yezhuthu aruli sevai sathikirar.  Intha emperumanin thani kovil nachiyaraga padmavathi thayarum, andal nachiyarum sevai sathithu arul palikirar. Intha perumalai thirumangai azhwar 20 pasurangalale mangalasasanam seithu irukkirar. In tha adi Jagannatha perumalai, puthira kameshti yagam seivatharku munnal intha kshetrathukku vijayam seitha pothu, avarukku thane Ramanaga avatharam seivathaga anugrahithu, moola manthiram anugrahithathaga sthalapuranam. Intha kshetrathuku varum bhakthargalukku, avargal vendum padi, kuzhanthai peru santhana bhagyam aruluginrar. Intha adi Jagannatha perumal kovil 4 sannidhigal kondu ullathu - Adi jagannathar, padmavathi thayar &  andal, darbha sayana ramar, pattabhiramar. Santhana gopalan Sannidhi irukkirathu. Azhwar, acharyargal Sannidhi, Udayavar emperuman, Manavala mamunigal sannidhi yendru yella sannidhigalum irukkirarthu. 


SriRamayanathil thiranda karuthu Vibhishana Saranagathi yendru munnameye koorinom. I will explain that more in detail. We had the darshan of thirupullani, and later we shall go to rameshwaram to see raghunathan kovil, Gandha madhana parvatham, danushkoti. Most important is we need to understand the core inner meaning.  In this entire series we have been having darshan of the places on one side and on the other side we have also been learning the core moral aspects and things we need to understand/follow in each of them. We have been trying to understand the thaththuvam. Sriramaynathil from the beginning till the end there are many Saranagathi. Some of the Saranagathi are fruitful(pallikinrana payan kodukinrana). Other Saranagathi are not fruitful. 
1. First all the devar's are performing saranagathi to Thirumal asking him to take the avatharam of Ram to rescue them from rakhashas. "Arthitho Manushe loge jagne. Vishnu sanathana"
Perumal also took the Ramavatharam and destroyed the rakshas and dharma came back to existence So this saranagathi was fruitful.

2. Next it was dasarathan who did the saranagathi to Parasuram. When Parasuram was angry. Dasarathan requested that ram and sita are newly married and they were on the way to ayodhya.  Dasarathan got scared on seeing the angry Parasuram and the impact it will have on Ram/Sita. This tells that Dasarathan was not aware of Ram's greatness. Without knowing Ram's true nature Dasarathan did the Saranagathi to Parasuram.  Parasuram was full of anger and he had no karunai.  When we do saranagati to a person who is with anger then that saranagathi does not become fruitful.

3. Third one lakshman did Saranagathi at Ram's feet asking Ram to take him along with him to the forest. Sita was also there with Ram, through Sita(Sitayai munnitu kondu) Lakshmana does saranagathi at Ram's feet.  "Bhavam .." Lakshmana requested Ram to take him along with him so that he can continue to do kainkaryam to Ram and sita.  This Saranagati did become fruitful. 

ayodhya kandam : sargam 31 : Slokam 25 
भवांस् तु सह वैदेह्या गिरि सानुषु रंस्यते |
अहम् सर्वम् करिष्यामि जाग्रतः स्वपतः च ते || २-३१-२५
Meaning : "You along with Seetha enjoy yourself on mountain-ridges. I shall do everything while you are waking or sleeping."

4. Fourth is the saranagathi done by Bharathan at chitrakoot. Bharath asked ram to come back to ayodhya. But this saranagathi wasn't fruitful since Ram gave the padukai to Bharath and he proceeded to the forest.

5.  Fifth saranagathi is the one we are seeing currently which is Vibhishana Saranagathi. Inspite of the words of sugreeva Ram accepted the saranagathi done by Vibhishana inspite of his evil background.  So this saranagathi was fruitful. 

6. Sixth Saranagathi is the Saranagathi done by Ram to Samudhrarajan. This was not fruitful and Ram got angry. This is what we saw in the darbha sayanam temple too. After Ram took his bow and was ready to shot the arrow, scared samudhrarajan came out and then the rest of the action happened. 

Just a math, 1st, 3rd and 5th Saranagathi were fruitful.  The 2nd, 4th, 6th didn't become fruitful. Did Valmiki did any math of odd or even ? 

Apart from these 6 Saranagathi there are many other Saranagathi in Ramayanam. The crux behind all these Saranagathi is Vibhishana Saranagathi. 

Yaru oruthan karmangalale pidika pattu irukirano, athanal mari mari piravi yedukirano, intha karmangalai nammale tholaika mudiyathu. Pava punniyangal kannaku illathavai. Anadhi kalamaga serthu irukirom. We are weak person inspite of our other background. We do not have strength to get rid of our karmas.  We do not know how to get rid of our karmas and we are so weak from this perspective. So to get rid of our karmas and to get rid of this birth cycle and this is not possible by us. Intha bhuthi yarruku vanthudutho avan "Iraiva nee tharai parai" yendru bhagawanin thiruvadigalile Saranagathi pannugiran. 

Samhita Vakyam is 'tvamEva upAya bhootOmE bhava ithi prArthanA mathi: saraNAgathi'.
Bhagawannu neeye yenakku upayama irukkanum, yennaku vera vazhi thanjam theriyalai, vera pugal illai, yen endral naan poga ninaikum idam rombha uyarntha idam Vaikuntam, naan thandanam yendru ninaikum karmangalo, ninaithu parka mudiyatha valiya alai pondra karmam, nano chinnavan, kandippaga yennal sathika mudiyathu, neera sathichi kuduka vendum, intha yennam niththam nam ullathil irukka vendum. Yeppa naam sannadhiki poi perumalukku pujai pannarom nalum kettukkonde irukkanam. Matra yethai prarthikaromo illayo, Jnanathai vendalam, Bhakthiyai vendalam, ne than mukthi kodukanam yendru vendalam, Oru naal kandippaga namakku kidaikum yendra oruthiyodu venda vendum. Dinanum saranagathi panna thevai illai, oru naal seithale pothum. Antha bhuthi vanthu vittathu yendral, atharke perumal rombha anandam padugirar. Athanale Vibhishana saranagathi vibhishanin thazhtha nilaiyai vilakki, Ramanin uyarntha nilaiyai vilakki(explain), intha renduthukkum korthu kuduthu, Ramanin karunaiyai ulagathuke prakasam paduthina prakaranam than vibhishana Saranagathi. Athu nadantha idam intha idam. Intha idathuku appo yevalavu yetram irukkum. Naamum inge irukkum, Darbha sayana perumal, adi jagannatha perumal ivargal thiruvadigalai pattri, padamasini thayarai munnitu, vibhishananukku yepper patta kainkarya vazhkai kittitho nammakum kittatumaindru vendikkolvom.

Ramanin padhayil  sethu karai and thirupullani darisithhom. Next we need to cross the bridge to go to the other side to see the other great things happened in that punya bhoomi. Please wait to watch them in Ramanin Padhayil. 

ஸர்வம் ஸ்ரீ கிருஷ்ணார்ப்பணம் 

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